Black Viper
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Sep 042004

I encourage all DNS server administrators and E-Mail server administrators to consider adding a SPF record to help fight spammers using your domain to send their solicitations. More information can be found at

Aug 032004

I have removed the "automatic" banning feature of the domain outlined in my Abuse Rant. I have also placed online a page describing the Web Site Layout CSS files and JavaScript file used throughout the domain.

Jul 142004

I discovered that my E-Mail server started having issues with DNS lookups. This does not sound as though it is a bad thing. However, it turned out to be a big issue. A reboot fixed all problems, but I now am faced with hundreds of E-Mail messages because of the DNS lookup failures (since I configure my E-Mail server to use a DNS Black Hole list). Unfortunately, the only solution is to sift through the junk. This, of course, will take time.

May 012004

Latest Internet Threat: LSASS.exe Information: ~ A Microsoft Security Bulletin MS04-011 was posted about the latest vulnerability and includes details on where to get the patch to fix it: More information on my domain is located here: Why is LSASS.exe shutting down my computer after 60 seconds?

Apr 122004

I have finished round three of my web server modifications. This basically was only the removal of my “test” domain “” Since I have not messed with it for over 8 months, I feel it is better to take it off of the web and have the server concentrate on more important matters: this web site. I also completed reconfiguring my E-Mail server to ban “lots” of virus/worm propagating systems. For those geeks out there, here is a quick rundown: Upon observing SMTP connection information, I have noticed that “lots” [Continue Reading]

Mar 032004

Looks like the worms are slowing down. I have only received 30 in the last 10 hours. I found, mostly, large numbers of W32.Netsky.D@mm and (the now published information of) W32.Beagle.J@mm. The Beagle is the worm I discovered last night crawling around and posted information about in the previous news update. More information can be found here:

Mar 022004

Even though I touched on the thought of dumping my E-Mail address in my latest Rant, I have not done so. This should not be much of a surprise since I posted My E-Mail Address Rant only a few hours ago. However, just a couple of those hours ago, I started to get, yet again, a virus that no information is posted about (that I have found). The techniques to try and get people to "open that attachment" and infect systems really makes me laugh! I touched on several in [Continue Reading]

Mar 022004

In this news update, I wanted to touch on several things that have been bouncing around in my head the last several days. Even though I would like more than anything for the information to be short, it did not turn out that way. This news update turned into an expanded Rant topic and I pretty much ran out of time to post information about my other issues. So, a short take on only one of them is included here and the next update will include additional issues. Here we [Continue Reading]

Feb 222004

Originally drafted July 27, 2003, I have refrained from posting this particular web page because of the title I picked: Free Beer! However, I feel this information needs to get out to those people that need it. Now, obviously, I am not offering free beer or ever going to on this web site or any other. However, I have placed this web page here for educational purposes to guide my readers in understanding the various Social Engineering techniques that are out today, and attempt to get you to do something [Continue Reading]

Feb 182004

Today, I found in my E-Mail a large number of W32.Netsky.B@mm viruses. Currently, every 3 to 7 seconds, a zombie system across the internet is attempting to infect my network. In order to reduce bandwidth consumption from this attack, I am taking the following actions: The "sending" E-Mail server must declare the size of the E-Mail, in advance (practically all do this, however the zombie spammers/virus ridden systems don’t). Any E-Mail over 20,000 bytes is rejected and the connection is dropped before it starts to be sent across the internet. [Continue Reading]