Black Viper
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Mar 292007

I have updated the Windows XP Services Configurations to reflect default settings for Windows XP Professional x64 Edition. All flavors of XP/Vista are being ran through and I "will" post all the information that I have figured out as well as registry files for default, safe, etc. However, I have a lot to sift through (5 flavors of XP, 4 flavors of Vista, 90 to 130 services each) and will get everything online as soon as I can.

Jan 162005

What is the number 1 question in my inbox lately? "What do you do about Spyware?" Answer: Nothing. I use Firefox. Some people have been reporting issues while using the Firefox browser and flaming me for "coding in only Internet Explorer." I have used Firefox since v 0.1 (yes, a couple of years) and actually code for Firefox and adjust it to work in IE. My web site (at this second) is valid CSS and valid XHTML Strict. Validate Page’s XHTML ~ Validate Web Site CSS. Other people have noticed [Continue Reading]

Nov 162004

My boiling point was almost reached. After purchasing Half-Life 2’s retail package, I spent one hour and fourty-one minutes waiting to create a "Steam" account, unlock content and register my key. Finally after almost falling over the edge of reason, Half-Life 2 loaded up for the first time. Now, after 3 hours of single player gameplay, I will only be able to recall the initial difficulties with the Steam network because of this text. Half-Life 2’s graphics and gameplay totally wiped all Rants from my memory and I have had [Continue Reading]

Oct 282004

The World of Warcraft Closed Beta is… well… ending soon… A cut an paste from the E-Mail I just received: Greetings! If you are receiving this email, you are one of the valued testers currently in World of Warcraft’s closed beta test. This message is to inform you that the beta servers will be coming down at 3:00 PM PDT on Friday, October 29 and will remain offline for a few days in preparation for another stress test. Your account and characters will be active for this stress test, but [Continue Reading]