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Aug 192012

The Windows 8 Services Configurations have been updated to include Windows 8, Windows 8 Pro as well as Windows 8 Enterprise with Default and Safe configurations online. All Windows 8 Services Pages will be updated to include the latest dependency information in due time. All Services pages have been cleaned up a bit to clear out unneeded HTML as well as add in a tabbed feature. Stay Tuned.      

Jul 062012

Windows 8 Release Preview Service Configurations are now updated. This included the “Default” as well as “Safe” settings. Information in the table is likely to be adjusted with additional findings over the next several months. It will also be ran through after Windows 8 has been released. “Tweaked” and “Bare-bones” configurations are in the works, but it takes a bit more time to figure those settings out, so I will refrain from adding/updating those columns until after Windows 8 has been released. Information with “???” is being worked through and [Continue Reading]

Apr 032012

Introduction This is an opinion piece to express my discontent for the feeling that “interfaces” should be consolidated and have one “look” and feel. This is utter rubbish and I will try to convey this distaste with a few examples. One should feel warned that if you do not enjoy reading opinion based content, you should stop now. This rant spawned from Microsoft’s push to force upon us a failure waiting to happen. So I will start with the tunnel vision of Microsoft, the success of Android and the failure [Continue Reading]

Jan 272012

In Mid February, I will retire from World of Warcraft. My 10 Horde characters are now at max level cap (85) and I cannot find anything else to do to keep my interest. I have done most achievements on my main Priest and experienced every character class at cap over the last 8 years with over 700+ days /played time across all characters. I have raided with guildies, I have pugged easy as well as difficult instances and trained many people on the in’s and out’s of the game. Now it is time to move [Continue Reading]

Aug 112011

Update – September 20, 2011: Google+ is now open to everyone – I am offering all of my website readers an invite to Google+. Includes Video Chat, sharing of photos/video, etc. Just like Facebook without all the BS. I have 150 available to exclusively send out (first come, first served). The only thing you have to do is Email me with your email address in the text message and I will send an invite to that location. After signing up with Google+. You can add your own friends! It [Continue Reading]

Mar 212011

I use  an APC UPS, more specifically, a Back-UPS BX1500G and two services are installed as software (PSPE) to control this piece of equipment on Windows 7 64-bit. This service takes care of testing and actually switching to battery power if needed and through my testing is required. Service Name: APC UPS Service Description: PowerChute Personal Edition service for managing battery backup power events Path to executable: “C:\Program Files (x86)\APC\APC PowerChute Personal Edition\mainserv.exe“ Startup type: Automatic (Started) The second service takes care of calculating energy usage and sending it to APC. [Continue Reading]

Mar 072011

With the recent Chrome Beta version 10.0.648.127, I was having this nagging issue about the “bookmarks bar” appearing seemingly random and then going away. After a bit of observation, it looks like if you open a new tab, the bar would be there, then when clicking on a site link (say, on your “recent” home page thumbnail view), the bookmarks bar would disappear. This rapidly annoyed me, so I knew an option had to exist to stop that behaviour and it is in a strange (in my opinion) location (not in [Continue Reading]

Feb 232011

Windows 7 Service Pack 1 is released and I encourage everyone to update their systems now. You can do this by going to Control Panel > System and Security > Windows Update and check “Windows 7 Service Pack 1 (KB976932).

Feb 142011

A issue that has nagged me for many moons with Flash Player Videos is not being able to keep the video full screen on my second monitor while working on the primary monitor. Now, accoring to Adobe’s Flash Player 10.2 release notes, it is included by default, without having to modify DLL files. Download the latest release to activate this feature or update Chrome by going to the options and selecting “About Google Chrome” to update the browser automatically. Enjoy!