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Dec 102003

Today marks the day that I have uploaded 25000 units for SETI@Home [link removed] . I must laugh, because on Monday, August 12, 2002 when I uploaded my 10000th unit, I was planning on shutting down the systems. Here is a small snip of the current official stats: Results Received = 25009 Total CPU Time = 19.580 years Average CPU Time per work unit = 6 hr 51 min 29.6 sec Average results received per day = 16.78

Nov 302003

Since most of my domain optimization efforts are complete, I can now (finally) focus on adding content to the domain. Current plans (in no particular order) are as follows: Post Windows 2003 information This will include an Install Guide and also Services information Screenshots are being created for the Install Guide Hopefully, most of the Install Guide will be finished tonight Services information will be posted after the Install Guide is drafted Post Fedora 1 information This will include an Install Guide Currently downloading as I type Post Mandrake 9.2 [Continue Reading]

Oct 262003

I kind reader notified me of an issue that I have been working for some time. However, I did not realize the impact of it. What I saw happening was that IE was not parsing my custom Windows XP Services Registry File page properly and the display was slightly different than the rest of the domain. In fact, it caused further issues which resulted in it being very difficult (if not impossible) to cut and paste the resulting file into Notepad. I have fixed and tested the result and it [Continue Reading]

Oct 222003

I took the web server down to configure my latest domain change. I have successfully installed a compression module for the web server to allow outbound traffic to be dynamically compressed. This will (and already has proven) effective at reducing my bandwidth consumption and greatly decreases page load time. For example, one of my most popular pages being Windows XP Services 411 also has the distinct pleasure of being one of the largest pages served. In an uncompressed state, the amount of data for the page being transferred over the [Continue Reading]

Oct 092003

I have posted a page to allow you to create your own custom Windows XP Services Registry File. IMPORTANT: This function is in testing. Do not use if you are scared as to the outcome. However, feel free to test the tool and send me feedback with success and failure stories. No checks are performed to ensure that all dependencies are accounted for. Ensure that you validate your service configuration before creating your custom file. Checks for dependencies may be included at a later date. Download the default registry settings [Continue Reading]

Oct 092003

If you wish to purchase Halo for the PC and want to play the Co-Op campaign like the XBOX version, do not even waste your money. It is not an option. As a side note, the rendering speed is very poor, at best. The sound stutters often and skips dialog in the rendered cut scenes. So, unless you wish to play single player campaign or online multiplayer at 800×600, it is best to wait for patches to fix the problems. Your results may vary. However, feel free to wander around [Continue Reading]

Oct 072003

To feed my curiosity, I downloaded a file sharing program called Overnet and searched for "Windows XP Services." Sure enough, there was my document. 2 revisions and 5 months out of date shared across the network. Not sure whether I should be "ticked off" or happy that my hard work and information is "so popular" that it warrants being distributed in such a fashion. In a totally unrelated manner, I am attempting to catch up on all of my E-Mail tonight. I apologize for the delay, but I have been [Continue Reading]

Aug 312003

The latest and greatest PDF document for the Windows XP Service Configurations is posted: ~ 233,872 bytes ~ 64 pages ~ Printable Revision 5 ~ August 31, 2003 This update expands the dependencies of all the services to include not only what a particular service needs to run, but what other services require it to be functional. This could reduce the headache of attempting to cross reference services and may assist you in determining what services you can safely disable on your system.