Black Viper
Black Viper
Aug 112003

To say again, Remote Procedure Call service is a critical vulnerability that you need to take care of. A solution is available. The main indication of this is a 60 second shutdown counter just after connecting to the internet or "right after" an attack attempt. Many versions of Windows is affected, to include NT, 2000, XP and 2003. This affects computers directly connected to the internet and could cause the attacker to install code to do ANY sort of malicious activities. Exploits already exist! Upon examination of my firewall log [Continue Reading]

Jul 312003

In an extension to my previous Quick Rant on ICQLite’s new version including ads, I also must report that if you do not elect to install the updated version, ICQLite will no longer function after a few days. So much for using IM ever again. I have never liked AOL anyway. 🙂

Jul 212003

I have included on the Windows XP Services Registry Patch Guide, files that contain and modify the Description information to display my Windows XP Services Information in the services.msc description pane (extended view). This will allow you to avoid bouncing between the online version or the printable version. Please visit the Windows XP Services Registry Patch Guide for more information and the small downloadable files. Feedback and success stories with regards to this new information would be appreciated. Please contact me with any issues you may find as, even though [Continue Reading]

Jul 212003

Quick Rant: (View the previous ones) I just fired up ICQLite after being away for a few weeks and a message that their is a new version available was displayed. Like a moron, I naturally updated. No other time has ICQ ever notified me in any other versions. After clicking the button, I wondered about that fact. Come to find out, AOL destroyed ICQLite with banner ads on each message window! Not only are they ads, they are Flash ads! Needless to say, it took me 2.5 seconds to close [Continue Reading]

Jul 082003

After the release of Service Pack 4, the latest and greatest PDF document for the Windows 2000 Service Configurations is posted: [link removed]~ 175,233 bytes ~ 45 pages ~ Printable Revision 4 ~ July 8, 2003 This update expands the dependencies of all the services to include not only what a particular service needs to run, but what other services require it to be functional. This could reduce the headache of attempting to cross reference services and may assist you in determining what services you can safely disable on [Continue Reading]

Jun 142003

Well, it did not turn out as well as I hoped. Apache v2.0 still has random delays, sometimes 30 seconds, until it sends out the requested information. Back to the drawing board…