Black Viper
Black Viper
Oct 112002

I have posted information on "a few clicks" method of tweaking your Windows XP Services via my Registry Patch Page. If you are interested in a "sneak peak" at what I am doing for future articles, please check my "Multi-boot Guide." The other OS Install Guides are not posted as of yet, but with the weekend, I hope to totally geek-out and finish them up. UT2003, though, is calling my name… loudly…

Oct 062002

Introduction Using “FDISK” does not have to be a difficult chore as long as you follow my FDISK Usage Guide. If you know what to expect, it is a rather easy task. Note: If you are “clean” installing Windows 2000, XP Home or XP Pro, and do not wish to multi-boot your system, you do not have to run FDISK before hand as, during the install process, options for creating partitions are built in. FDISK Usage Guide Important Information Warning: Using FDISK to “resize” or recreate a partition will effectively destroy what [Continue Reading]

Sep 142002

In preparation to install and test SP1, I am using this opportunity to do many thing: Reconfigure all systems [link removed] (change parts around), update all BIOS to latest, download all new drivers for multiple OS’s. Test SP1, on multiple systems, then format and install Windows .NET. Reevaluate my feelings on the CUV4X-D Motherboard and VIA. This will entail combining two systems, one of which I am using to check my E-Mail, so delays will be obvious with my replies. Since I can install Windows .NET on multiple systems, it [Continue Reading]

Sep 102002

Ask BV ~ FAQ ~ I knew it would not take very long after Service Pack 1 was released to get these questions in my inbox: Is there a way to change a Windows XP’s Serial number without reinstalling the whole thing? I just attempted to install Windows XP Service Pack 1 and it says I have a pirated copy! What do I do? Read the answers to these and more in my Windows XP FAQ.

Sep 082002

Articles ~ I have made an addition the the Articles and the Operating System Guide section to include how to Install Windows XP Professional. This Guide will help you discover and see what is to come without any risks.

Sep 072002

Articles ~ I have made an addition the the Articles and the Operating System Guide section to include how to Install Windows .NET Enterprise Server 2003 Evaluation Version. This Guide is a sneek peek at what you will find on the inside. Wondering if you can get an OS for $12.95 US and install it on 10 computers for 1 year? Let me show you how!

Aug 132002

Windows XP Praise and Flames ~ I have posted a few kind comments from the many readers of my domain. I thank each and every one for taking the time out to send me encouragement to continue. I have also posted Flames.