Black Viper
Stalk BV
Aug 101999

I have also found out that Rage of Mages 2 went Gold. I added a Monolith Patches Page [link removed] to the site. I am also still waiting for my Web Server to support FP2000 server.

Aug 051999

I have checked up once again on the status of Westwood Studios highly anticipated game Tiberian Sun! Looks to me that it FINALLY went Gold and is expecting to ship on the 27th. A LAN Party [link removed] is scheduled for the occasion and I will hopefully have everything working, like the Forum and Guest Book, by then.

Jul 151999

I had a itch and I had to scratch it. I needed to know what Front Page 2000 was all about and I am happy that I purchased it. It is much easier to use than I had first thought but there was much problems converting my old files over. If there is some errors, please notify me.

May 061999

Today I finally posted the updated house pictures. Head on over to My House [link removed] to see the photos. Lots of things have happened this week, to many to list, but everything good. Newsbot v6.5 has been released. Point your browser to Utilities Page [link removed] for information.

May 031999

Today, Roger Wilco was launched. It is now in version MARK I. It provides real-time voice chat over the internet and LAN. Go and check it out!

May 021999

Today, Warthog sent me a URL of a great program called Roger Wilco. It provides real-time voice chat over the internet and LAN. Go and check it out! I also added a quick couple of photos of My Kitty.

Mar 261999

Well, I just checked out the Newsbot site and found that v6.4 was released on 25MAR99. If ya like to download files from Newsgroups, give Newsbot a try!

Mar 101999

I found out that on 22FEB1999, ICQ99a was released. Where have I been? If you want to make some new contacts, or keep in touch with some old ones, ICQ is the way to go…