Black Viper
Black Viper
May 082007

I have updated the Vista service configuration to include "Bare-bones" configuration. This configuration disables many built in features of Windows Vista as well as several security features. This configuration is not for a system that is directly connected to the internet as Windows Defender and Windows Firewall are disabled. This is not for a system that provides networked resources, such as printers, to other LAN connected computers. Use this configuration at your own risk. It is only provided here as a reference for me. If you wish to tweak your [Continue Reading]

May 082007

I have updated the Vista service configuration to include "BV’s Configuration" recommendations. This is the configuration that I currently am using at home and have not found any issues with it. This does not guarantee it will work for you. 56 service settings have been changed from the default annotated by an (*) asterisk. This configuration is a system that is still able to perform many LAN networking functions, such as file and print sharing and uses wireless networking (laptop) plus leaves several security related "features" like the Windows Defender, [Continue Reading]

May 012007

I have updated the following Vista service descriptions and modified the "Safe" recommendations accordingly: Application Experience Base Filtering Engine Certificate Propagation CNG Key Isolation Extensible Authentication Protocol IKE and AuthIPsec Keying Modules Internet Connection Sharing (ICS) IPsec Policy Agent Routing and Remote Access Smart Card Smart Card Removal Policy Windows Firewall Wired AutoConfig WLAN AutoConfig

Apr 102007

I have posted my Windows Vista Super Tweaks to include disabling annoyances like User Account Control and resource hogs like System Restore. Please contact me if you discover any errors or inconsistencies. More Windows Vista information to include expanded services coverage coming (real) soon as well as my custom registry file tool for XP. Lots of updates ahead!

Apr 072007

I have updated the Windows XP Service Pack 2 Services Registry Files. Please contact me if you discover any errors or inconsistencies. The pages have the full default service values for each flavor of XP and my description modification to place my information in the services.msc utility. "Safe" start values as well as custom registry file creation coming soon.

Mar 292007

I have updated the Windows XP Services Configurations to reflect default settings for Windows XP Professional x64 Edition. All flavors of XP/Vista are being ran through and I "will" post all the information that I have figured out as well as registry files for default, safe, etc. However, I have a lot to sift through (5 flavors of XP, 4 flavors of Vista, 90 to 130 services each) and will get everything online as soon as I can.