Black Viper
Black Viper
Mar 172005

I have removed my search page as Atomz (my previous "free" search provider) began adding paid advertisements to my search results, which is something that I am against. I will come up with an alternate solution (hopefully) soon. I also realized (WAY too late) that the previous news updates had the year 2004 in them. I was wondering why people were saying I have not updated in a really long time. 🙂 This has been fixed. Other people have wondered what I am up to. I have to tell you [Continue Reading]

Dec 202004

Even though it may not look like I am updating content often, in fact I am. The update is in the background, however, and not to public content. Namely, attempting to further streamline the web site for faster access. I also just implemented a change to the site that should allow for better browser printing of all pages throughout the domain. I appreciate my dedicated readers understanding while I further work on a satisfactory experience.

Nov 212004

Today, I will be working on getting all of my E-Mail caught up. If history repeats itself, I will only have time to reply to about 10% of them. Right now, I have over 900 in the inbox. Honestly, I really do not have the time to reply to everyone. I appreciate everyone’s kind words about the domain sent my way, but I must ignore random technical support questions as they tend to use the most amount of time for an accurate reply.

Oct 162004

I have updated my Windows XP Services Configurations and Windows XP Services Information pages to include additional Service Pack 2 information. I still have several more pages to place online before I can call it complete. However, I wanted to provide another update of my findings. All dependencies have been updated and are accurate.

Oct 032004

I have updated my Windows XP Services Configurations and Windows XP Services Information pages to include recommendations with regards to the Security Center service. I also have formatted the Search page with the new domain look recently placed online. I appreciate your patience while I worked the issue.

Sep 302004

With regards to World of Warcraft Beta, I modified a few UI files to make my life (and maybe yours) a bit easier. This also works with the latest Beta 6 release. The latest changes include: – Updated for WoW Patch September 29, 2004 – Increased the size of Party HP/Mana/Rage/Energy text when moused over. It should now be easier to read. Download the updated files here [link removed].