May 182003

The latest and greatest PDF document for the Windows XP Service Configurations is posted:

  • ~ 164,655 bytes ~ 40 pages ~ Printable Revision 2 ~ May 18, 2003

The updated Windows 2000 Service Configurations will be posted ASAP.

May 112003

I have updated the look of all but one of my guides. After working on the domain for the last 10 hours straight, my wrist hurts and I am tired. Hopefully, I will get the last one done tomorrow and start working on updating the services PDF documents. I appreciate your patience while I “once again” put myself through a major change.

The good news? Now that I have a format that I like, I will be finally posting additional guides. Stay tuned!

May 112003

I posted an update to all services configuration and information pages. This update puts them inline with currently released Service Packs.

This update does not include a reposting of the applicable PDF document. I will update that as soon as I can.

May 042003

Ensure that you refresh the current page once, regardless of what browser you are using, before contacting me about display issues. Also, Netscape 4.x has little support for CSS and contains a display bug that effects page layout after resizing the window. As such, instead of opting to use a well known "javascript workaround," I choose NOT to display the navigation structure on Netscape 4.x and below. I also do not change ANY text viewing parameters (colors). If you wish to see the domain as I intend, please use a standards compliant browser.

Please note:

  • If you are using Netscape 4.x, you may scroll down to the bottom of the page and select site map. It has links to all pages available.
  • If you are curious about "what it looks like" in other browsers, here are some screen shots:
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Check out more information about Browser compatibility.

Apr 272003

Upon request, I reformatted the Windows XP Services Information to be more "screen reader" friendly. I also made slight adjustments to the "safe" service configuration settings. The changes include recommending that the Computer Browser Service and Server Service be placed into disabled. However, if you require file and print sharing, the Server Service is required to run on the system that is sharing resources and one system on the network should have the Computer Browser Service on automatic.