Black Viper
Black Viper
Dec 082002

Due to the following massive changes, I will be unable to spend any time updating content on this domain or replying to E-Mail: Changing (finally) from a dial-up ISP to broadband wireless. Switching from my current domain bandwidth provider to using my own resources. Reconfiguring computers to support E-Mail, news groups, and web services. However, after everything is up and running, the following added features will be available: Articles to assist my readers in serving their own domains. Multiple dedicated game servers. and some more stuff I wish to keep [Continue Reading]

Dec 012002

I have slightly adjusted the domain to be more “old browser” friendly. As a result, you may get a warning appearing at the top of the page that says your browser is not standards based, however, reload the page to flush the cache and download the latest CSS files I created will solve the issue.

Nov 302002

Due to popular demand, I have posted a "beta" version (no images) of my Windows Me Super Tweaks Page. Some more things need to be added, but it is a start in the right direction.

Nov 292002

Advertising has saturated everyone’s life, for the better or worse. The influx of media in everyday life has also spawned the explosion of advertising in places where I really do not desire to see them. As such, this domain has not and will not have obnoxious flash, gif or other ad types. Let me explain the evolution of this decision. READ MORE…

Nov 292002

I have been intrigued by the Mortal Kombat series since the early 1990’s. Even though I am rather pathetic at fighting games of all types, the Krypt that is included with Mortal Kombat: DA intrigued me even more. After discovering that the Koffin information "never changed" from game to game, I decided to draft out this guide. Read More…

Nov 202002

Due to a misunderstanding over 2 years ago as to what information I needed for my Secondary DNS server, "" has been resolving to the wrong web site. The incorrect information that only surfaced in the last 2 days due to an ISP merger has been fixed and the proper DNS information should be distributed throughout the planet within 72 hours. I thank my kind readers for informing me of this problem and I assure you that I am NOT selling imported furniture. 🙂