Black Viper
Black Viper
Oct 112002

I have posted information on "a few clicks" method of tweaking your Windows XP Services via my Registry Patch Page. If you are interested in a "sneak peak" at what I am doing for future articles, please check my "Multi-boot Guide." The other OS Install Guides are not posted as of yet, but with the weekend, I hope to totally geek-out and finish them up. UT2003, though, is calling my name… loudly…

Oct 012002

After some major confusion on my part, I have fixed the “cannot resize the text” bug in my CSS file. Sorry for the mistake. I am going to attempt to get rid of the table layout and finally (again) go for layers, but every time I do, either IE or Mozilla does not function “as I wish they would.” So much for standards. Grrr…. 🙂

Sep 292002

I have repaired many links that were invalid. Mainly because of incorrect capitalization, but plenty were for other reasons. If you stumble across any, please contact me.

Sep 272002

I have been working hard at changing a few (about 1000) punctuation errors. Honestly, they do not look correct “either way,” but I am going for the seemingly proper way.

Sep 172002

After thinking about it, I decided to remove the BableFish link to translate this site. It resembled a banner by a little more than what I liked.

Sep 152002

After just about totally driving me insane, I have finished my "Triple-Deuce" or six OS boot configuration. No, really, it is not at all what you think. I will post an article all about it soon. What a nightmare. I also tested Windows XP Service Pack 1 installation on a few configurations. Check the information here.

Sep 142002

In preparation to install and test SP1, I am using this opportunity to do many thing: Reconfigure all systems [link removed] (change parts around), update all BIOS to latest, download all new drivers for multiple OS’s. Test SP1, on multiple systems, then format and install Windows .NET. Reevaluate my feelings on the CUV4X-D Motherboard and VIA. This will entail combining two systems, one of which I am using to check my E-Mail, so delays will be obvious with my replies. Since I can install Windows .NET on multiple systems, it [Continue Reading]