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Feb 112002

Important Information Before posting your question in the comments below, see if your question has been addressed in the FAQ! All of the following services are “Strange” with Windows XP. If you discover one of these Services or processes running, they were installed by another program. At the bottom of the page, I have listed some processes that are not really “Services,” but applications running in the background when looking at Task Manager. I will try to identify “why” these particular applications are now running on your system… Table Header Information Display Name [Continue Reading]

Jul 312001

I have been cruising around the search engines for awhile, and I seem to have found that there is plenty of pages that I did not even KNOW was being viewed. On the web server, the pages stay even after I delete them locally. Why? I really do not know. They are really not supposed to do that. Anyway, I found that Darkstone Stuff has made over 3000 hits and I deleted that page about a year and a half ago, as well as my 300MHz Win2k Services Configuration page, [Continue Reading]