Black Viper
Black Viper
Jan 282008

Introduction Many people have asked for a “one-click” type of solution to Windows Vista SP1 Services. This page is my answer. Even though it takes more than just “one-click,” it will make things faster for you and assist in configuring your system for optimal performance. Warning: Before you do anything, read EVERYTHING! Notes for a Happier Computer and User Do not use “msconfig” to disable services, type “services.msc” in the Run box instead! (why?) Before disabling any service, check out the Windows Vista SP1 Services Information. All of these services [Continue Reading]

Oct 222007

Important Information Before E-Mailing me, see if your question has been addressed in the FAQ! All of the following services are “Strange” with Windows Vista. If you discover one of these Services or processes running, they were installed by another program. At the bottom of the page, I have listed some processes that are not really “Services,” but applications running in the background when looking at Task Manager. I will try to identify “why” these particular applications are now running on your system… Table Header Information Display Name ~ Is how it is [Continue Reading]

Oct 162007

With the public release of the default service registry files for Vista, I will now work hard on updating the Service descriptions and “tweaked” configurations with service settings that provide function as well as performance while attempting to not break existing configurations for what ever you use your system for.

Oct 152007

I have found that the following Windows Vista Services states cannot be controlled by a registry file in normal or safe mode: DCOM Server Process Launcher Diagnostic Policy Service Diagnostic Service Host Diagnostic System Host Distributed Link Tracking Client Group Policy Client Remote Procedure Call (RPC) Security Accounts Manager Windows Modules Installer