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My internet no longer works with Windows XP after I used your tweaking tips, what do I do?

How did you E-Mail me? Place each service that you disabled back to manual, or even better, Automatic, to see which one you need for your particular configuration. Everyone’s is slightly different (56k ~ ISDN ~ DSL/Cable ~ T1 ~ 10/100) so I cannot have a “guaranteed” internet setup. Actually, the default (as long as it worked before) should do fine. 🙂 You can also try out the “Safe” configuration.

Needless to say, using the “default” is not the point, but if you place each service, one at a time, that deals directly with networking or the internet back to automatic, you can narrow down which is actually required for your configuration. Do look at the dependencies and decide if you may need it! Your internet connection will not be effected if you do not use “Windows Time” for example, nor will “Help and Support” effect auto play on a CD Drive. Tweaking your system always comes with risk.

Take note: The very bare minimum you will need for internet connectivity is the following:

DHCP Client ~ Unless you are using a static IP address.
Plug and Play ~ No real need to have it disabled.
RPC ~ Required for the next Service.
Workstation ~ Needed to connect to a “server” or another computer for File and Print Sharing.

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