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Upon boot, I am experiencing a delay of around 60 seconds before I can do anything in Windows XP. I am using a PPoE DSL account. What is wrong?

This may stem from the fact that your ISP told you to configure your system as DHCP (vice static). But, in order to get an IP address, your PPoE connection needs to negotiate on top of TCP/IP… which needs an IP address. A catch-22.

Solution? You can purchase a hardware firewall/router solution.

You could also get away with placing a static IP address on your internal network card, effectively configuring it for local networking.

Service configuration may also contribute to the cause, but under most situations, utilizing a hardware firewall will do several things:

  • Protect your computer from intrusion without running extra software, theirby saving system resources
  • Stop internet cracking attempts
  • Reduce the requirement of some services that are “needed” for a PC to work that is directly connected to the internet via a NIC installed in the PC and connected through CAT5 cable to a DSL/cable modem.

I have a DSL account with a hardware firewall/router so I am unable (and unwilling) to determine what service you need for your particular situation if you are directly connected to the internet without a hardware firewall/router.

People have wrote to me and complained about this problem. I gave suggestions and they never replied back with “what” fixed it…

Because it could be one of around 15 services that is causing the delay, I am unable to guess exactly what particular combination that you require. With that, I am sure that it is a specific number of services that are required to use a PPoE DSL account.

The many services that could be causing the troubles are:

If the service is currently in automatic, leave it be. If the service is in manual or disabled, change it to automatic, reboot and see if it fixes your problem. If not, go to the next service on the list to find out exactly which one is the cause of the boot delay.

Details on how to adjust service configurations are here: Ask BV ~ FAQ.

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