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Windows XP Services Praise and Flames


Having information posed for the world to view for free has its advantages and disadvantages.

I love it when I receive E-Mail telling me how much people enjoyed my information and glad I have taken the time to post it. Praise for my site layout and easy navigation arrive often in my E-Mail. Please keep them coming!

Other times, I get rude E-Mails, often not very literate, that tell me I am worthless, should be taken off of the internet, death threats (yes, really) and many more.

This is the reality of giving free information out
while asking nothing in return.

Here are some quoted E-Mails with the actual E-Mail address and name “not” quoted to protect the innocent and the guilty.

This is also just a small sampling of my inbox. I will add more in the days ahead.

Praise is at the top, Flames are at the bottom.

Praise: (Randomly plucked from my inbox.)

“Great website! Many helpful hints and tips! I used all the Windows XP Services Profile Guide tweaks and my system runs much faster now. Thanks a million!!!”

“Thank you for Windows XP Super Tweaks and Windows
Service Configurations.”

I really like this one:

“I cannot thank you enough for your assistance in clarifying the “XP Configurations” that frankly, in total candor, Dell Customer Support could NOT tell me what ANY of the “Services” in the utility were!
In reality, the “tech” at Dell RECOMMENDED I look up your website!”

“I’ve followed your Safe suggestions. Great improvement in responsiveness of
my system.”

“Just wanted to thank you for publishing your services configuration list !! Merci beaucoup !”

“O HELL YES thank you for taking the time to not
only explain BUT also give your personal choices for setup on Windows XP, and
put it all on a web site. NOW I finally know what all those services really do,
how important they are, and why I need to shut 90% of them down. I swear, I followed
your gaming config (save a couple of networking and USB camera issues) and IT
LIVE WI….uh I….. I mean ….uh…. thanks a lot man!”

“The services section is excellently laid out, and
for once explanations for each service make sense and extremely useful.”

“Thanks for a great website. There is a lot of great
information for those of us who don’t have much time to do the research ourselves.”

“Thanks for your great info on XP services.”

“Hey, I found your website doing some research on
WindowsXP. Thanks for the information! I am a fairly competent person (not quite
a pc guru) and I must admit, XP had me stumped with a lot of the services and

“My pc now runs about 20-30% faster on booting up
than it did before.”

“Loved the site. The XP services section nearly doubled my game server speed instead of
having CPU spike every second or so and 13% of cpu usage on start up The cpu is at 2% no spikes and well thxs for the tips…I
did try to do this by trail and error but screwed the system so many time that I was getting tired of reinstalling now all
I have to do is start the Halflife server and play till I drop.”

“Thank you!! I run XP Pro and by the time I went through your list of services and disabled
the ones I didn’t need (or didn’t want running for security reasons), I’d saved a *considerable* amount of system resources.
I noticed the difference in performance right away.”

“my friend told me about your site several months ago (mainly your windows services section),
and I made a mental note of it and never got into it. well the other day I decided what the hell (I was bored), and went through
all of my services and read your corresponding paragraph to each, and disabled all the junk services. I have definitely noticed
an increase in performance since then, and just wanted to say thanks. man you know your stuff. i appreciate that someone who
knows all of this is willing to spread the “word” so to speak. i will be visiting your site frequently in the future.”

“Well it worked! I did most of the Windows XP speed fixes, and disabled ALL of the services
under the “Safe Column” in your spreadsheet. The difference is amazing! I used to get strange video artifacts on
some music DVDs which I like to play (example Fleetwood Mac the Dance) and now these disks play FLAWLESSLY! I also ran my
machine through the pcpitstop tests and low and behold – cached disk access times went from a score of 120% to over 200%!
Uncached scores were up as well! It seems my 800MHz PIII with 512 MB of RAM is enough after all!”

“Thank you very much for the Windows services configuration information. Your information enabled a very clean and useful
tweak of my system.”

“I don’t know what the heck had happened to my PC but suffice it to say it was in pretty rough shape. Task Manager showed 100% CPU usage – the “System” was using it all! Machine didn’t recognize my digital camera when Sunday it did. Device Manage didn’t show a single thing. No printer shown. No sound. Tried everything. Searched the net and came across your site. Set up my services as you have shown. Now all is well!!!”

Flames: (This is the most amusing ones.)

Flame Number One:

“I have said it before and i will say it again you
are a prick. Anyone who has a photo of thier own hideos face on a website filled
with self serving bull{BV EDIT s#!t} (i.e. you useless services table that doesnt
actually tell you all the possible services configs at all!) is in my opinion
a prick. I dont mind telling you and i doubt im the first person – ohhh black
viper im so scared – twat.

maybe you should try to find a girlfriend that is
in the unlikley event that you are straight.”

My Thoughts: Anyone that feels they can spout off an opinion to a complete stranger after willfully surfing to a personal domain, then banging out an E-Mail with so many errors, should not be considered a rational thinker and disregarded. 🙂 Also, since there are 86 services with 3 possible states, a table the size of Texas would be required to list all possible combinations available. That would be rather impractical and equally useless to everyone.

Flame Number Two:

This person was absolutely sure that their information was correct! They even had PROOF! So sure that they felt they MUST write to me and tell me that I had no clue what I was talking about! Here are some quotes directly from it, including punctuation errors… and “I am the dummy:” 🙂

“hey dummy..

its amazing how stupid people are when they link to your page.. so at least
you can fix the HUGE {BV EDIT F#$^%&G} ERROR on your page…

setting the service to manual WILL NOT ALLOW WinXP TO START IT ON ITS OWN


this is directly from {BV EDIT f#$^%&g} help in service section..”

They then quote this passage in the Windows XP Help section:

“If you have a typical installation, many services are configured as “automatic”
(that is, they start automatically when the system starts or when the service
is called for the first time). If a service is configured as “manual,” you must
start the service manually before it can be loaded by the operating system and
made available for use.”

Judging by only the help document information alone, this person has a good case. At least they thought so. In reality, they are way off.

For example, if you place the System Event Notification service in Automatic, then place COM+
Event System
service in Manual, then reboot. Upon returning to the desktop and getting back to the service.msc, you will clearly see that COM+ Event System service fired right up EVEN THOUGH it was configured as Manual.

Other services, depending upon system configuration, will do the same thing. In fact, with regards to the Help and Support service, even if it is disabled, it will place itself back to automatic and start if you click on the “Help and Support Icon” in the start menu.
I replied with that information and never received a response back. This knowledge is the difference between reading a help document and real world experience.

Flame Number Three:

Another persistent person with “It does not work for me so I am wrong.” More on that later. Here is the first E-Mail:

“In the section of your Windows XP configurations;
list “Terminal Services” as not being needed or
be placed in manual mode.
W R O N G!!!
W R O N G!!!
W R O N G!!!
Doing such will slow down processes within ANY
computer to a snails pace.
Change your recommendation to “THIS IS A MUST” OR

With this amount (that was the whole E-Mail) my reply was as follows:

You are incorrect.
Terminal services has nothing to do with “every process” on the system.
In fact, it is in Manual by default on 2k and XP Home / Pro.
It is a security risk for those that do not use it.
Where ever you got your information… It should be updated with the correct data.

With that, they replied with the following:

“Sorry, but you are the one that is extremely uninformed on this subject. How do I know this should never be disabled you say???
Because (I) tried it for myself and it slowed my computer down to the point where I had to actually turn off the power just to get somewhere and on more than just one occasion. Once I re-enabled the ‘Terminal Services’ my computer went back to normal speed. I have a 2.00 GHz pentium 4 and it slowed my system down below 200 MHz (according to a speed analysis program).
If (you) do not know for sure what you’re doing then please do NOT tell people to disable this service and all will be fine!!! —Security risk or not this is an iffy service and you should not suggest that it be disabled—

They continued on with this:

No need to contact me back because I have the feeling that everything anybody ever tells you, right or wrong, you assume that you are always right!

HAHA! No need to contact me back? This was a good one. Funny that this person says that ” you assume that you are always right!” when that is EXACTLY what they did with me! A few points to think about… Since the OS’s mentioned above already have the particular service in “Manual” by default, that would of course mean that every computer with XP installed in the last 1.5 years is running at 10% actual speed. Even more to feed the fire, Windows 2000 Server has Terminal Services “Disabled” by default. Crazy? Further, I only recommend disabling the service with “Gaming” and “Super Tweak” while leaving it at the “default” value for all others. However, this person feels that “I am wrong.”

This was my reply:

Whatever you are doing to “require” Terminal services is fine.

However you are the first out of 7000 E-Mails to mention the validity of Terminal Services.

I myself have had it disabled (not manual) for 1.5 years (Since RC1) and went through many hardware, software, etc. changes.
If you need it. Great.

Most people don’t… and that is the reason I maintain “Terminal Services” as the default “Manual” for everything but “Gaming” and “Super Tweak.”

The last sentence is very true. Most people do not need Terminal Services running. However, even though I have tested my services information for 1.5 years on multiple computers and vastly different hardware, fielded thousands of E-Mails from scared, confused and thankful visitors, I am the one that is “uninformed on this subject.”

This person could also have some sort of backdoor program running that “requires” Terminal Services for remote management of the backdoor. Of course, I did not mention that to them…

Flame Number Four:

what a lame site, i never seen more crappy, bull{BVEDIT$h1t}. no real knowledge, you just cite obvious.

(your red hat instructions are really breath taking…)

my little motto for you:

“do not learn people, if you do not know anything about matter”

it’s all right. but why you ask for cash? even asking is not fair in your case.

……kill your ego before is far too late….

try brain waves generator, great soft, may help.

or make different choice, redirect your life, find something you are really good at.


This person obviously knows where the SHIFT key really is as they used it to include “quotes” around their psychobabble motto and the descriptive “G.” signature block. Maybe this person should “redirect” their energies to actually accomplish something constructive and not waste other people’s time.

This E-Mail does make me feel much better with regards to my sentence structure throughout the site, though.

Please remember, folks, if you do insist on flaming someone because of their “knowledge,” ensure that your “facts” are correct, first.



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