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Email Backlog Caught Up

I have caught up on my E-Mails. My response rate was about 50%. Mainly due to the overwhelming amount of “technical support questions” that I received. Due to the great demand for such services, I cannot answer your personal technical support questions: READ WHY.

My E-Mail address is again posted on my Contact BV page.

A few answers to common questions:

  • Will you be posting information about Windows XP Service Pack 2? Yes
  • When will that be? When it is done. Hopefully, soon.
  • How do you get rid of/avoid spyware? Do not use Internet Explorer of any version. Use Firefox:
  • What software firewall should I use? None: Use a hardware firewall like a Linksys or Dlink “gateway/router”.
  • When are you going to update your Kitties page? Eventually. Unfortunately, higher priorities are in work right now. If I have the camera in hand and they each do something cute, it will be posted.
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