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Windows 8 Services and New Services Pages Format In Progress

Just to give everyone a few words on what I am working on with regards to Windows 8 Services:

It is in progress.

I have a lot to update behind the scenes with regards to transferring information from the old wiki format to WordPress with tons of “extra code” and HTML left over. This also is a good time to update the general format to remove the links (table of contents) to the information and instead replace them with tabs for each OS. It makes it cleaner looking as well as more consistent experience.

An example of what each services page (should eventually) look like is here: Near the top of the post, I will have General Information and then a tabbed layout to display only the particular OS desired, followed by Additional Reading.

Also, the original version I used for W8 Services information (WDP) that I currently have posted did not have any dependency information and the Release Preview now does. This also increases the time it takes to do only one service with updated information and with over 160+ default pages/services for Windows 8 alone to change into a tabbed browsing experience… it will take time. Lots of it. 🙂

I hope to finish this up by the time W8 hits RTM, and then do another run through to polish up.

I am not very enthusiastic, as it is, about using Windows 8 in general, but I will try to push through to give my readers what they expect from me as well as rely on.

Let me know what you think in the comments below.

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