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Windows 10 Service Configurations Updated – With A Disclaimer


To continue my fine tradition of optimizing MS’s latest OS, I have here my findings to date: Black Viper’s Windows 10 Service Configurations. This information is based upon the Windows 10 desktop versions “Anniversary Update” released August 2, 2016 as well as all patches and security updates as of January 2017.

Update Disclaimer

Even though the Windows 10 Service Configurations are valid up to this point (January 2017), I am going to refrain from updating individual service links as it will take about three months for all the services to reflect the live version and the next major update to Windows 10 (Creators Update) will be released April 2017. In general, it takes me at least one hour per service for testing and verification of general functionality. With that said, ~230+ services are listed, which would take me 23 days straight at 10 hours a day to update, or more realistically, 2 hours per day for three months. With that in mind, I will work on updating using the Insider Preview build and adjusting the service configurations to get a jump start on the general release of the Creators Update. Individual Service Links will be updated as time allows and be pushed out to the website throughout the coming weeks when I verify that the information won’t be changing in April.

Education and Enterprise

My focus is on Windows 10 Home and Pro versions. Education and Enterprise defaults are currently not listed as it greatly increases the time I need to update all service links.

Tablets with Windows 10 installed and Microsoft Surface information is lacking in the table. If you would like these configurations tested, consider visiting my GoFundMe page to specifically offer support to get these configurations accurate.


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