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Newsgroup Subscriptions
Image 2.1: (77KB .jpg)

9) Newsgroup Subscriptions. (Image 2.1)

Which ever Newsgroup you subscribed to will now have an icon displayed next to it.

You may now subscribe to additional Newsgroups or you can close the Newsgroup Subscriptions window by selecting Ok.


New Post
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10) New Post. (Image 2.2)

Highlight the Newsgroup you wish to post a new message to and select the New Post button in the upper left.

New Post: Create Message
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11) New Post: Create Message. (Image 2.3)

Include a subject line and enter your message in the resulting window.

After you have completed entering your message, select Send to post it to the Newsgroup server for others to download and view.

New Message.
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12) New Message. (Image 2.4)

When a new message is posted, the newsgroup appears in bold type with the amount of new messages displayed on the right hand side of the group name. Select the Newsgroup to access the new messages.

View all messages in group
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13) View all messages in group. (Image 2.5)

Upon selecting the Newsgroup, all new messages and their subject lines will be displayed. Choose one to view it.

View Posting
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14) View Posting. (Image 2.6)

After highlighting the message, the text will appear in the preview pane or, upon double clicking the message, it will appear in a new window.

Again, I do NOT recommend leaving the preview pane active.

Reply to Group
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15) Reply to Group. (Image 2.7)

To reply to the poster, highlight the message by selecting it and choose the Reply Group button.

If you choose the Reply button, an E-Mail will be constructed directly to the poster and not be viewable on the newsgroup server. However, if the poster took my advice and created a "human readable" E-Mail address, you will not be able to reply to them directly. You must create an E-Mail manually and enter in the proper address in the TO: field.

Reply Message
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16) Reply Message. (Image 2.8)

Enter in your text in the resulting window. After all of your message text is complete, select the Send button to post the message to the Newsgroup server.

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