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New Message
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17) New Message. (Image 3.1)

Again, when a new message is posted, the newsgroup appears in bold type with the amount of new messages displayed on the right hand side of the group name. Select the Newsgroup to access the new messages and view the message content.


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18) Options. (Image 3.2)

To adjust your viewing options in Outlook Express, select Tools --> Options...

Preview Pane
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19) Preview Pane. (Image 3.3)

In the Window Layout Properties dialog box, uncheck Show preview pane to tighten up security on your computer.

The preview pane should never be displayed.

Outlook Express
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20) Outlook Express. (Image 3.4)

After the preview pane is gone, much more area is available to view new content posted in the Newsgroups.

I hope this guide has helped you feel more comfortable with accessing the various public News Servers available.

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