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Update 27OCT2003: I have taken down the Newsgroup Server. It is no longer accessible. It may return at a later date.


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"Usenet" or Newsgroup access has been around since the beginning of the internet. Usenet was created to facilitate a central point of contact for discussion on a wide range of topics.

Many web sites employ several different techniques for feedback and discussion about content. Tons of "news" sites use forums for posting the latest and greatest content and allow their viewers to provide feedback. From using complicated forums to the basic PHP scripting that is required, anything can and will happen. Forums can come in many different flavors, including "basic" read and post to fancy boards with per user stats and custom "avatars" or icons. Even though I could use any number of different ways for my visitors to discuss my content, I decided that Newsgroups would be a good way to do so with little configuration and simplistic interface. Most, if not all mail clients also can read and post usenet articles with little hassle.

Even though you may be aware of thousands of "publicly" accessible Newsgroups, either from your current ISP or another provider, my discussion forum is not uploaded to another server. It is kept entirely on my network.

To simplify configuration and access, I am using my "test" domains name (bvunlimited.com) to provide Newsgroup access. Basically, at any time I can tear it down and not effect the "real good stuff."


My discussion forum is provided "as is," meaning, I am not and cannot be held responsible for the posted content, nor can I be held liable for any posted content. Since this is a public access discussion medium, inappropriate content or content of offending nature may appear. As such, access is limited to people of 18 years of age or older.

Every means possible will be used by me to ensure a proper experience for my visitors, including but not limited to:

  • Moderating content for abuse and malicious behavior.
  • Viewing content as often as possible and replying when my time allows.

If I observe or am contacted about abuse of my network, the following will happen without second thought:

  • The offenders IP address, or IP block will be banned access of my network. This Includes access to my Web Site, E-Mail and News servers. Abusive behavior will not be tolerated.
  • Depending on the severity of the attack, the offenders ISP may be contacted and all applicable log files will be transferred.

User Agreement

Access is limited via IP address. As such, there is no need to "sign up" to access my discussion groups. You may check them and post to them whenever you wish. As a result of this open nature, what I require of posters to my forum is:

  • Please post in plain text and do not use HTML format. Some readers, including me, disable HTML all together, so it is a waste of your time and everyone's bandwidth.
  • Use a "valid" E-Mail address in your Newsgroup posting. This is not to attract SPAM of any kind, it is to allow the readers of your content to contact you directly without the "public" reading the discussion. Please understand that this is a private News server. As such, the "spam" issues are not relevant as it would be if the post would appear on Newsgroups uploaded to the rest of the internet. If you are still worried about posting your E-Mail as "myemail@mydomain.com," instead, post it "human readable" like:
    • myemail AT mydomain.com
    • myemail@mydomainDOTcom
    • myemail AT mydomain DOT com
    • myemail@REMOVEmydomain.com
    • myemail@NOSPAMmydomain.com
  • There is no need to flame (harass) or "verbally" abuse any poster. All kinds of people are out there... let's just try and get along.
  • No attachments to any messages are allowed. If access to files are required to assist troubleshooting a matter or helpful to the discussion group, please post a publicly accessible URL directly to the content.
  • All postings are limited to 5 KB, or apporoximately 70 lines by 70 characters of text.
  • Posting any information requests or answers to "possible illegal activity" is strictly prohibited. This includes any information with regards to Hacks, Cracks and Cheats.
  • Posting to multiple Newsgroups with a single message will label you as a spammer and your IP address could be banned. Ensure that you post only a single message to the most appropriate group that you can.

Current Newsgroups by Name

Update 27OCT2003: I have taken down the Newsgroup Server. It is no longer accessible. It may return at a later date.

Required information to access my newsgroups:

  • News server name: Not available.
  • No user name
  • No password

test.news.groups ~ Test your newsgroup access here. Please do not post them at any other location. If you can read and post messages here, you can read and post in other locations.

Directly access each Newsgroup by selecting the appropriate name. A full How to Newsgroup Guide for Outlook Express 6 is also available.

  1. bv.announce ~ Current domain status and content update. READ ONLY.
  2. pub.feedback.general ~ General discussion on how to improve Black Viper's visitor experience.
  3. pub.general ~ Discuss general "appropriate" topics.
  4. pub.pc.games ~ General discussion about PC gaming.
  5. pub.pc.tech.hardware ~ Discuss PC Hardware related issues.
  6. pub.pc.tech.linux ~ Discuss Linux related issues.
  7. pub.pc.tech.networking ~ Discuss PC Networking related issues.
  8. pub.pc.tech.security ~ Discuss PC Security related issues.
  9. pub.pc.tech.software ~ Discuss PC Software related issues.
  10. pub.pc.tech.win.2000 ~ Discuss Windows 2000 related topics.
  11. pub.pc.tech.win.98 ~ Discuss Windows 98 related topics.
  12. pub.pc.tech.win.me ~ Discuss Windows Me related topics.
  13. pub.pc.tech.win.xp ~ Discuss Windows XP Home and Pro related topics.
  14. pub.pc.tech.www.dns ~ Discuss topics related to DNS server access, including hosting your own.
  15. pub.pc.tech.www.ftp ~ Discuss topics related to FTP client or server access, including hosting your own.
  16. pub.pc.tech.www.hostmaster ~ Discuss topics related to WWW client or server access, including hosting your own web services.
  17. pub.pc.tech.www.newsgroup ~ Discuss topics related to Usenet Newsgroup client or server access, including hosting your own News Server.
  18. pub.pc.tech.www.postmaster ~ Discuss topics related to E-mail server access, including hosting your own E-Mail server.
  19. pub.pc.tech.www.webmaster ~ Discuss topics related to web page creation and hosting your own web server.
  20. pub.seti.at.home ~ Discuss the SETI@Home project and distributed computing in general.
  21. test.news.groups ~ Test your newsgroup access here. Please do not post them at any other location. If you can read and post messages here, you can read and post in other locations.