Darkstone News

Current News and Updates:

30JUN2002 I have posted a new character photo of BlackViper (Level 59).

26MAR2002 I have added more information in the Walkthrough section. Almost done! :)

24FEB2002 I have did some cleaning up of this section and I hope to work more on the Walkthrough very soon.

29NOV2001 I have posted some new character photos of BlackViper (Level 56).

13OCT2001 I have posted some Walkthrough information for Darkstone.

09OCT2001 I have posted some new character photos of Quillen (Level 46) and the new BlackViper (Level 25).

09OCT2001 I have officially fired up Darkstone again. I will be posting a walkthrough soon as well as updating my character stats for the old as well as the new. As a side note, the new skinning feature in v1.5 rocks! Stay tuned!

24SEP2001 I still get many E-Mails from Darkstone fans. Mainly how to complete quests. I will soon have a walk thorough posted to answer many of those questions. I am sure that most of the people that DO have questions tend not to write. Meanwhile, check out the Darkstone Tips page.

12MAY2001 I have not updated the Darkstone Pages in a VERY long time, but don't think that my heart is still not in it. Darkstone has received more hits than most any other pages on blackviper.com! I even got an e-mail today thanking me for the Draak killing tip! People are still out there...Live it up!

06OCT1999 The Darkstone v1.03 patch has been released...again...get it here [link removed].

03OCT1999 I added plenty of new tips from a fellow adventurer, David Edwards [link removed] so check them out!

28SEP1999 I added some photo's of my character ZEEMAA here! Check them out!

22SEP1999 I am finished with the Send It! [link removed] Character Form.

19SEP1999 I am currently working on setting up a form for Characters. Sort of to simplify the process of submission...Stay tuned!

16SEP1999 The Darkstone patch was released too soon...There will be a new one in a short while...sorry... :)

14SEP1999 The Darkstone v1.03 patch has been released...get it here [link removed].

13SEP1999 I finished up on the CHAR Sheet Page [link removed] so I can have others post their best...

11SEP1999 Darkstone is a great game. I played for 5+ hours before the noon hour and I have enjoyed every moment. Looks to me that games are taking a turn for the better...

08SEP1999 Darkstone seems to me to be a pretty good RPG...more to come in the future...