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Tuesday, October 28, 2003 @ 6:06 PM PST

Diablo2: v1.10 has been released. Check the Arreat Summit for more details.

05DEC2001 8:47 PM PST

v1.09D of Diablo 2 is here. Visit www.blizzard.com for info.

31JUL2001 7:33 AM PST

I am planning on (really soon) updating this section. Mainly the Photos of the characters. The current set is VERY difficult to update, and with the release of FP2002, this could get much easier. We will see what happens, but for right now, I am getting the rest of the site back up to par. There was MANY sections that were highly outdated and should be up to speed now.

29JUN2001 4:55 PM PST

The Diablo 2 LOD CD is in my hands...finally... :)

19JUN2001 4:55 PM PST

The Diablo 2 patch v1.08 is alive and posted...

09JUN2001 4:40 PM PST

The Diablo 2 Screenie pages have been trimmed down a tad. I only have the screenies for the Hardcore characters posted. But don't worry, the newest/updated character screenie is still there, just not the previous ones...

Take care!

04MAY2001 10:34 AM PST

The Diablo 2x beta has arrived from the FEDEX Lady! It is supposed to run about 2 weeks...can't wait for the real thing! Realms down right now, go figure...heheh...thats why I am writing now...

11FEB2001 10:23 PM PST

The Diablo 2 patch v1.05B is HERE!

01JAN2001 12.01 AM PST

The Diablo 2 Ladder is being reset as I type...So get on out there and get busy! Oh, and HAPPY NEW YEAR!

26DEC2000 10:18 PM PST

The Diablo 2 patch v1.04C is HERE!

19NOV2000 12:19 PM PST

BlkViper-OXO Clvl 77 Screenies are posted...check them out!

25SEP2000 10:43 PM PST

The Graveyard and many other Screenies are posted...check them out!

04AUG2000 8:18 PM PST

The Diablo 2 patch v1.03 is HERE!

15JUL2000 2:18 PM PST

The Screen Shot area has been updated with the latest and the greatest...Check them out HERE [link removed]!

05JUL2000 6:21 AM PST

The Character Submit forms have been updated for support of Hardcore characters and titles. Check them out HERE [link removed]!

01JUL2000 7:48 AM PST

Two words: Diablo Two... :)

Wow. So far, the game is great with one exception. Lag. Battle-net seems to have been slammed via all 2 million people on Thursday and Friday...But, I am sure that B-Net will return to full strength after they add a few more servers to the farm...

24JUN2000 9:00 AM PST

Diablo 2 Final Pages are live!

View the Diablo 2 BETA Stress Test 411 here!

22JUN2000 2:17 PM PST

"Dear Battle.net Stress Testers,

As we promised, we wanted to alert you that the Diablo II Battle.net stress test will be coming to a close this Monday, June 26th at 8:00 AM PT in order for us to prepare for next week's launch of Diablo II. We want to extend a sincere thanks to all the beta testers who have logged many hours helping us optimize servers during the last few weeks.

But, before we bring the test to a close, we want to push the servers to the maximum by getting as many players online in one day as possible. To that end, we are asking that all beta testers log on and play this Friday, June 23. We hope we can count on each of you to log on and take your stress test character for one more adventure through Act I.

Thank you again for all your time and effort in making our stress test successful. We hope to see you on Battle.net after the game launches.

Blizzard Entertainment"

07JUN2000 6:39 PM PST

This just in from Blizzard entertainment in my Inbox!

"Dear Battle.net Stress Testers,

We wanted to personally notify you that Diablo II has gone gold and the master CDs have been released to manufacturing. We expect the game to begin shipping to stores worldwide as early as the end of June.

Even though the game has gone gold, the stress test will continue throughout the next couple of weeks. The optimization of servers is completely independent from the game going gold, so you will continue to see network improvement up until launch. We also will be sending out access keys to European and Asian gamers shortly, so we can fully test those local servers prior to the game hitting stores as well.

We encourage you to continue playing over the next few weeks to help us test the servers as much as possible before the game ships. We will E-Mail you prior to the stress test ending.

Thank you for the hours you have committed to playing Diablo II on Battle.net. We hope that you will enjoy the game.

Blizzard Entertainment"

The wait begins now...