Quake 2 Speed Runs

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April 4, 1999 9:30 AM PST

I just checked up on the Speed Running Demo's [link removed] at PlanetQuake [link removed] to find out that Gerald "Tangent" Tan has updated it on April 1st...head on over to check out what people have been spending their time on!

I have not worked on Running lately. Reality has taken a large chunk of my time and I have not been able to devote enough hours like I would like. Also, Nolan "Radix" Pflug has not updated the Q2 Timer to squash that Boss2 bug that causes the computer to crash hard after being killed...Until then, I will not even attempt.

March 7, 1999 2:30 PM PST

I just checked up on the Speed Running Demo's [link removed] at PlanetQuake [link removed] to find out that Gerald "Tangent" Tan has updated the page! Quite a few demo's were released...go check it out...I will have some more.

March 4, 1999 10:49 PM PST

I had the time to see if I could improve my Easy demo of city1 and got to shave just 1 second off. Get the file city1 @ 1:00 on Easy here! After Aivars. R started improving on my Hard city1...I thought I should try and battle it out for the top spot...I just hope I am in time...

February 25, 1999 9:15 PM PST

After working on the Easy demo of city1 (only 2 hours this time), I finally got it down only one second less to 101.5. Get the file city1 @ 1:01 on Easy here! I am kind of proud of this one just because it is almost the smoothest I have done the demo, yet. There is still much room for improvement, but that will come with time...

February 23, 1999 10:52 PM PST

After MUCH work on the Easy demo of boss2 (about 3 hours), I finally got it down to 45.6. Get the file boss2 @ 0:45 on Easy here. I am not sure if that is going to be it, or not, but I will still try to work on it...Happy Speed Running!

February 23, 1999 8:11 PM PST

I received a E-mail from Phil "Cain" Hall on 22Feb1999...here is what he had to say about boss2 @ 0:46 on Easy...

"After careful examination and lots of practice I have determined that you are DEFINITELY on the right track as to killing the Makron quickly.
Here's what I figured out:

STAGE 1 Makron Body to kill takes 1 BFG shot and ~260 rounds of the Chaingun (Skill 0).

STAGE 2 Makron Body takes exactly 4 BFG hits to kill (Skill 0).

With that in mind, and the simple fact that you were doing that from the beginning, I'm not even going to bother with a demo submission since I believe that the fastest the Makron could be killed (Skill 0) in this manner is ~44.0 seconds (just under your time) -- note that this figure is a "guesstimate" on my part."

Phil "Cain" Hall

With part of my reply...

"...I practiced and timed myself for a week with different combos of weapons and found out that the bfg, chain, bfg, bfg, bfg, bfg worked out the best with the results being the fastest (not to mention the ammo being readily available. On skill 2 (Hard) it is much more difficult to pull it off, but it requires the same thing...

...right at the end, I have found that if you launch the last BFG blast and drop down the elevator shaft, Makron magically survives...that is also why I wait until he is dead until I drop down...if it could be pulled off, that would shave a second or two, but I tried MANY times for it to work and it NEVER did...bummer :)...

...If you take more looks at the demo, there is a few ways to shave time off...1) Fire the 1st BFG blast, stage 1 more efficiently, fire 1st BFG blast stage 2 (when Makron pops out) and try to wait the least amount of time before dropping down the shaft and exiting..."

Black Viper

Wow! Am I long winded or what?!? Anyway, I have been trying more things to cut down my time of 46.2, but it seems to me that I am fighting a losing battle...I will continue to, though, because I know there is someone out there that CAN do the 44 second time Phil "Cain" Hall is talking about. Until then!

February 19, 1999 8:29 PM

I wondered on over to Speed Running Demo's [link removed] at PlanetQuake [link removed] to discover that the first posting of Q2 Speed Runs are up! I did make the cut, but as soon as the bug with dieing with Makron is solved on boss2, I will begin trying on hard level...Until then, I will continue to practice city1 and see what I can come up with...

February 15, 1999 11:29 AM

I just finished up doing some speed demo runs...maybe they are good enough to post...they are:

Download and check them out! I finished boss2 even though it seems to crash upon death...bummer. :)

February 15, 1999 11:29 AM

I just checked up on the Speed Running Demo's [link removed] page to find out that there seems to be quite a bit of interest in submitting demo's that are not up to par...I find that funny...but, I am sure I will be up there with the best of them.

I stayed up pretty late working on "boss2" last night and found a problem with Quake 2 crashing when I get die a horrible death of BFG/Railgun...the most I was able to die with was -3 health and I think that was a fluke...anyway, here is the E-Mail I sent off...

Black Viper wrote:
> Hey Tangent/Nolan...
> I am having a problem with Q2 crashing when I die...at least on boss2
> when I get a BFG up my ass...

Well, for now, just avoid being killed by Makron...

I'll hold off on any more releases in case more bugs are found.

Nolan Pflug

I do thank Nolan "Radix" Pflug for replying so soon...(Gerald "Tangent" Tan isn't all that bad either...hehe...)

Anyway, my "boss2" time is down to 46.2 on Easy, but I think that is gunna change soon...I want to get it to 45.9 so someone will have to go a full one second to beat me...gunna be tough, though...

February 15, 1999 12:05 AM

I just checked up on the Speed Running Demo's [link removed] page to find out that q2timer v1.1 has been released...go check it out...I will have some of my runs on this site as well as on PlanetQuake [link removed] as soon as I can get back up to speed... :)