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September 15, 2001

I am sort of going away from TEXT character stats to screen shots. You will find the pages updated to reflect that fact. Also, if you were really caring, ROM works just fine with Windows XP Pro.

September 24, 1999

I am finished with the Send It! [link removed] Character Form.

I find Rage of Mages a good game, not special, but it is a filler until I get Diablo 2! :)

I enjoy RPG's a lot, but sometimes they can get old...

Get the Rage of Mages v1.1 patch here [link removed].

Character Stats:


  • With Rage of Mages, I got pretty upset when I died...yeah...that is sort of par for the course, but it got rather annoying. I like to rush into battle and take on more than I should at any given time, not good when I started getting overwhelmed...
    • Solution? Back up your character by <alt+tab>ing out of the game and copying the "game????.chr" file to a backup directory...where "????" is between 0000-9999. The game automatically saves after a few minutes of play, then would be a good time to backup...


  • Get the Rage of Mages v1.10 patch here [link removed].
  • Monolith [link removed]
  • Rage of Mages Home Page [link removed]