Rage of Mages 2 News

September 15, 2001

I added screen shots of the characters and not just text info...

October 18, 1999

I am finished with the Send It! [link removed] Character Form.

I find Rage of Mages 2 a good game, not special, but it is a filler until I get Diablo 2! :)

Character Stats:

  • Black Viper:


  • With Rage of Mages 2, I got pretty upset when I died...yeah...that is sort of par for the course, but it got rather annoying. I like to rush into battle and take on more than I should at any given time, not good when I started getting overwhelmed...
    • Solution? Back up your character by <alt+tab>ing out of the game and copying the "???????????.a2r" file to a backup directory...where "???????????" is a whole lot of random numbers. The game automatically saves after a few minutes of play, then would be a good time to backup...


  • Monolith [link removed]
  • Rage of Mages 2 Home Page [link removed]