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This is a listing of all the UI Addons that I use with World of Warcraft: Cataclysm (Patch 4.3) with no issues found or noted when broken.

Updated: January 23, 2012

AllPlayed 40000-1-Release ~ 2011-04-11 (4.0.6)

Shows played, XP and gold for all characters.


Auctioneer Advanced Suite 5.14.5268 ~ 2012-01-22 (4.3)

Find the market value of items, rapid posting of auctions and help to find good deals are all within Auctioneer.


Bagnon 4.3.6 ~ 2012-01-20 (4.3)

Inventory and Bank bag replacement to make them all one area and saved/viewable across characters.


Bartender4 4.20.1 ~ 2011-11-29 (4.3)

Replacement for the default hot key bars.


Chinchilla Minimap v2.5 - 2011-11-30 (4.3)

Replacement for the default minimap located in the upper right corner of the UI. Many contamination options.


Deadly Boss Mods v4.10.8 r7028 and WotLK, BC, Vanilla v4-r352~ 2011-12-10 (4.3)

Battleground and boss timers as well as emote/spell detection.


EavesDrop 2.46 ~ 2011-12-09 (4.3)

A mod that I started using a long time ago due to the lame combat log and its (lack of) options... great to see a breakdown of what has happened during a fight.


eCastingBar 4.0.1 ~ 2010-10-19 (4.0.1)

A rework of Blizzards casting bar (the progress bar that is displayed while using other then instance skills, opening chests, etc.).


Gatherer 3.2.4 ~ 2011-06-29 (4.2)

GathererĀ is an addon which tracks items you gather in the course of your adventures and records their locations on your minimap and world map so that you can keep track of their locations as you are adventuring. Also has an optional HUD that snail trails where you have already been.


GoGoMount 4.3.1 ~ 2011-11-29 (4.3)

A small mod that allows the mounting (flying where allowed, ground in other zones) with just one button, such as a mouse button. It cycles through available mounts randomly, so you never know which one will appear.


GoGoPet 4.0.1 ~ 2010-10-16 (4.0.1)

A small mod that pulls out a random pet from those already obtained.


HealBot continued ~ 2012-01-22 (4.3)

So many things this mod does, it is hard to list them. If you buff, cure and/or heal, this mod is for you.


hfLootRoll 1.2.4 ~ 2011-07-01 (4.0.1)

Replacement for the loot roll popup.


Jamba Addon 0.9 ~ 2012-01-10 (4.2)

Multi-boxing addon to speed things along.


LagBar 2.8 ~ 2011-11-29 (4.3)

Small, movable display for FPS and Latency.


Minimalist r119 ~ 2011-09-28 (4.2)

Basically, Minimalist is a collection of miscellaneous UI tweaks and automations.


OmniCC v4.3.0 ~ 2011-11-29 (4.3)

Shows cooldowns on button bars, inventory and more.


Postal v3.4.13 ~ 2011-12-17 (4.3)

Addon to help send/retrieve mail.


Recount v4.3.0c release ~ 2011-12-29 (4.3)

Damage/healing meter with some cool display options.


Reputation Bars v1.1.18 ~ 2011-12-04 (4.3)

Reputation Bars is a modular addon that lets you watch one or more faction standings, i.e. the amount of reputation you have with them.


X-Perl UnitFrames 3.2.0 ~ 2011-11-29 (4.3)

Complete replacement for all unit frames. Many options.