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Aion Characters


Here is a complete listing of all my Aion characters. Any other characters in game not listed below are “not me”.

A couple of notes:

  • I play games as a means of escaping the real world.
  • It should be worth noting that I do not have any chat options on due to in game money advertisements. If you do happen to /whisper me and no reply happens, you know why.
  • My legion (I am the founder) is currently not accepting new members.

Levels Updated: October 8, 2009

Realm: US Server = Zikel, Elyos

Retail Release Stats:

Blackviper – 5 Priest (Main)

Blackvipera – 5 Mage

Blackvipers – 5 Warrior

Realm: US Server = Ariel, Asmodians

Retail Release Stats:

Blackviper – 16 Sorcerer (Alt Main)

Blackviperer – 5 Scout