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AllJoyn Router Service

Windows 10

Default Description

Routes AllJoyn messages for the local AllJoyn clients. If this service is stopped the AllJoyn clients that do not have their own bundled routers will be unable to run.

Additional Information

None at this time.

Default Startup Type

Windows 10 x86 Manual (Trigger Start)
Windows 10 x64 Manual (Trigger Start)
Windows 10 Pro x86 Manual (Trigger Start)
Windows 10 Pro x64 Manual (Trigger Start)
Windows 10 Education x86 Manual (Trigger Start)
Windows 10 Education x64 Manual (Trigger Start)
Windows 10 Enterprise x86 Manual (Trigger Start)
Windows 10 Enterprise x64 Manual (Trigger Start)

Service Names

Service Name (registry): AJRouter
Display Name: AllJoyn Router Service

Default Path and Command Line Options

C:\Windows\system32\svchost.exe -k LocalService

Log On As

Account: Local Service


What service AllJoyn Router Service needs to function properly:

  • None (W10H, W10P, W10Edu, W10Ent)

What other service require AllJoyn Router Service to function properly:

  • None (W10H, W10P, W10Edu, W10Ent)