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Media Center Extender Service

General Information

If you do not use any external devices as a WMC extender, this service can safely be left in its default (disabled) value.

Windows 7

Default Description

Allows Media Center Extenders to locate and connect to the computer.

Additional Information

None at this time.

Default Startup Type

Windows 7 Starter Not Available Not Available
Windows 7 Home Basic Not Available Not Available
Windows 7 Home Premium Disabled Disabled
Windows 7 Professional Disabled Disabled
Windows 7 Ultimate Disabled Disabled
Windows 7 Enterprise Disabled Disabled

Service Names

Service Name (registry): Mcx2Svc
Display Name: Media Center Extender Service

Default Path and Command Line Options

C:\Windows\system32\svchost.exe -k LocalServiceAndNoImpersonation

Log On As

Account: Local Service


What service Media Center Extender Service needs to function properly:

What other service require Media Center Extender Service to function properly:

  • None (HP, P, U, E)

Additional Reading

None at this time.