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Software Licensing

Windows Vista

Default Description

Enables the download, installation and enforcement of digital licenses for Windows and Windows applications. If the service is disabled, the operating system and licensed applications may run in a notification mode.

Additional Information

This service uses between 1MB and 14MB of RAM. If this service becomes disabled, you may not be able to access the Control Panel. If this happens, you can boot into safe mode by holding down the F8 key during boot and place the service back into Automatic.

Default Startup Type

Vista Home Basic Automatic (Started) Automatic (Started) Automatic (Started)
Vista Home Premium Automatic (Started) Automatic (Started) Automatic (Started)
Vista Business Automatic (Started) Automatic (Started) Automatic (Started)
Vista Ultimate Automatic (Started) Automatic (Started) Automatic (Started)
Vista Enterprise Automatic (Started) Automatic (Started) Automatic (Started)

Service Names

Service Name (registry): slsvc
Display Name: Software Licensing

Default Path and Command Line Options


Log On As

Account: Network Service


What service Software Licensing needs to function properly:

What other service require Software Licensing to function properly:

Additional Reading

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