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Welcome to my little spot on the Internet! Feel free to wander around and check out everything that I have to offer. With a few thousand pages scattered throughout the website, something is bound to catch your attention.

Dead by Daylight (Game)

Are you a gamer that came to my website because I played with you in Dead by Daylight on console? Read this…

Site Updates

  • BV Live On Mixer: Dead By Daylight ~ Posted January 8, 2019 ~ Includes channel description, stream schedule and viewer rules of conduct.
  • Dead by Daylight ~ Posted January 4, 2019 ~ My gaming alias has been BlackViperCom (or variant) for a long time (20 years), but I really have not played multiplayer games/First Person Shooters and the like as I, well to put it in easy terms: I am not that good. As such, I have avoided any degree of PvP for many moons. However, with me discovering Dead by Daylight, it has turned me around. I enjoy the game, but the community is absolutely (as some people put it) toxic. Read more…
  • Legal ~ Updated January 4, 2019
  • About Black Viper ~ Updated January 4, 2019
  • Top 18 Hardest Hitting Bass Tracks of All Time ~ Updated December 8, 2018 ~ All YouTube links valid.

As of January 1st, 2019, I no longer claim Copyright on my work hosted on and also no longer serve you ads of any kind. Future guides will be free of corporate greed (ads/tracking/privacy violations/need I go on?) and Government control (restrictive distribution related to US Copyright laws and costly to defend).

I thank you, kind reader, in advance for your support! If you like what I have done with the place, support my efforts in drafting up future guides:

Coming Soon (in no particular order or importance)

  • Cloudflare free/fast DNS is not what you think it is. I can help you fix it.
  • Is 2019 finally the “year of Linux on the desktop?” For me, it is…
  • Surf Safely on the Internet with BV’s how to.

Popular (Archived) Content

Windows Services ~ Includes explanations of each service and advice on which services you can safely disable. This information is archived and no longer updated. Please take that into consideration when examining the content.

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