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In Loving Memory

Resting in Peace:

In loving memory of my Father, Charles Allen “Sparky” Sparks, pictured below with his Wife of 50 years (my Mom).

He is now Resting in Peace: April 1937 to September 2009.

I miss you already.

–Your Son

ILM of my Father
ILM of my Father – I miss you already

Beloved Pets


In Loving Memory of “J”. My companion for almost 15 years, J still hated my wife even after all this time.

I miss you, “Baby J”.

-Your Dad… BV

ILM of J
ILM of J AKA “Baby J” ~ Easter 1999 to February 16, 2014


In Loving Memory of “Houdini”… The chillest kitty ever. Never cared what was done to him, as long as love was given. When picked up, he would rag doll into whatever shape you wanted and loved every second of the attention. Your Sister, “K” misses you as well as I.

Rest In Peace, “Dini Man”.


ILM of Dini
ILM of Houdini AKA “Dini” AKA “Dini Man” ~ April 2003 to October 31, 2019


In Loving Memory of “K”… The most intelligent, loving Kitty I have ever had the pleasure of living with for almost 18 years. She, along with her brother “Dini” born at the same time, always gave nothing but love. She was always there for me in my time of emotional need. She would lay on my chest and pur for hours while booing and nuzzling my chin. Each and every time I talked to her, she would meow right back in response… always. Her vocabulary was huge with different sounds for everything to include “bug in the house alert” and “pet me… I am waiting…”. She never liked to be picked up and held like her brother and was very skittish around others, but when I, her protector was close by, she was the sweetest that she could be. “Her spot” on the couch was caved in with use as well as covered in white fur, but it was her safe place and I ensured nobody, including me, bothered her there. She always slept on the bed in the same spot since a kitten on day 1. I miss you and wish so desperately that you were still with me, but I understand that it could not last forever, but absolutely all memories are happy ones and never will you be forgotten.

-Your Companion Forever… BV

ILM of K
ILM of K AKA “K Kitties” ~ April 2003 to October 9, 2020