Black Viper
Black Viper
Aug 102010

In an effort to improve the readability and functionality of my Service Configuration Examples, I have made a few changes: Table columns are now sortable by clicking on the header. Table columns can now be hidden or shown individually. Table headers are now replicated every 10 rows. Table rows are colored even/odd. These changes are valid whether you chose the Black or White color scheme and tested with Firefox 3.6, Chrome 5, IE 8, IE 9 and for giggles, Android 2.1 and 2.2. I hope you enjoy the new Services [Continue Reading]

Aug 032010

Well, StarCraft 2 was released last week and I have been “away from the Web site” due to this fact. 🙂 Here is a link to my profile Direct link to my achievements Happy Gaming!

Jul 172010

Today, I received a StarCraft II Beta Invitation via email. Here is a snippet : StarCraft(r) II: Wings of Liberty(tm) Beta Test Invitation Congratulations, this is your invitation to the beta test for Blizzard Entertainment’s StarCraft(r) II: Wings of Liberty(tm)! Join us for the final weekend of testing! You are receiving this email because you attended a special Blizzard Entertainment event, participated in a related contest or promotion, or have otherwise been selected to join the beta-testing process. This email contains your beta key along with instructions on how to [Continue Reading]

Jul 102010

Introducing BvLOG as my “Current News” location. I will also work on adding additional content as time passes, but for now, this is it.

May 192010

Currently, I am experiencing slow server performance from my hosting provider. Waiting upwards of 10 seconds for a page to display is not acceptable to me. However, in order to isolate and troubleshoot what is going on with this situation, I need to stop PHP from processing my main (www) web site, which is completely static HTML at its base level and easy to take back to that point. This will result in ads being displayed for Premium Members and nobody will be "logged in and greeted". More information is [Continue Reading]

Mar 012010

As promised in this poll: Black, White, C-64 or Green Web site colors… or something in between? The default color of the web site is once again Black. You can still switch, however, back to White if you so desire in the upper left hand corner of every web page under "Choose the Look:" if Javascript is enabled for the domain.

Jan 272010

Even though this poll indicates that the black background with white text is preferred by 64.5% of the voters, after 11 years, I decided to mix it up a bit and have "White" be the default color upon entering the site for the first time. You can still switch, however, back to black if you so desire in the upper left hand corner of every web page under "Choose the Look:" if Javascript is enabled for the domain. I added the option of a "C-64" scheme that I pulled out [Continue Reading]

Jan 052010

I cleaned up a lot of code behind the scenes today. You probably will not notice anything different, but it makes me feel better. I also added multiple forum links to the left hand side navigation for easier access to those resources.