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Apr 192012

On April 21, 2012, the first race of the season is scheduled to occur at the Siskiyou Golden Fairgrounds in Yreka, CA, I will be performing in an exhibition race in number “72″ with other street cars in a series called “Run-What-You-Brung”.   Speedway Location: Siskiyou Golden Fairgrounds 1712 Fairlane Road Yreka, CA 96097 Gates open at 1PM with races starting at 3PM! Other classes appearing are: McDonald’s Mini-Stocks O’Reilly’s Modifieds Super Stock JSSTA Trucks Dwarfs Run What You Brung Prices: (full admission and gate fees) Adults: 8$ – Seniors $6 (over 55) – [Continue Reading]

Apr 032012

Introduction This is an opinion piece to express my discontent for the feeling that “interfaces” should be consolidated and have one “look” and feel. This is utter rubbish and I will try to convey this distaste with a few examples. One should feel warned that if you do not enjoy reading opinion based content, you should stop now. This rant spawned from Microsoft’s push to force upon us a failure waiting to happen. So I will start with the tunnel vision of Microsoft, the success of Android and the failure [Continue Reading]

Mar 132012

Diablo 3 Multiboxing: Possible Or Not? In short, yes! Controlling 2 to 4 characters in Diablo 3 is possible with 2 to 4 seperate accounts, game purchases and free mouse replication software, but is it practical? Unfortunately, the answer is no for the average gamer, including me at this time. I just tried this using Input Director and Desktop + Laptop (on board graphics) running at same resolution (1366 x 768) using two beta accounts (wife and my account) and created two new characters. The reason multiboxing Diablo 3 Beta is [Continue Reading]

Mar 092012

Hello All! Here is another update to my Run What U Brung Tie-Dye Paint Job on the car I am going to put on the race track for this 2012 Racing Season. I have a couple pictures of the car after the first coat of paint was put on as well as a shot of clear coat followed by a couple of pictures after the tape was removed today. In the next few days, I will sticker it up and put numbers on it as well as a couple of [Continue Reading]

Jan 302012

Become a Sponsor: Information on how you can become a sponsor of my race car. List of Sponsors for the 2012 Season: Kitchens and Dreams Staffing Services: People are our greatest resource. This is something we never lose sight of.  Without people we cannot achieve our goals or ambitions. At KDSS Staffing our number one goal is about getting you in the right situation. We have various unique staffing opportunities with various Fortune 500 companies that allow you to earn an income today! Website and contact information: Ask Leo! : Helping [Continue Reading]

Jan 302012

The car is a 2002 Chevy Cavalier Z24 with a 5-speed manual transmission. Current plans include: Primer the car black Paint it in a Tie-dye color scheme Slap the number “72″ on it Include all of my 2012 Race Season Sponsors on the car Record dash cam video on the track using a webcam and laptop Now, you may point out that this is by far a “race car”, but I plan on putting it on the dirt track during special events throughout the season called “Run What U Brung”. In this [Continue Reading]

Jan 272012

In Mid February, I will retire from World of Warcraft. My 10 Horde characters are now at max level cap (85) and I cannot find anything else to do to keep my interest. I have done most achievements on my main Priest and experienced every character class at cap over the last 8 years with over 700+ days /played time across all characters. I have raided with guildies, I have pugged easy as well as difficult instances and trained many people on the in’s and out’s of the game. Now it is time to move [Continue Reading]

Jan 072012

Introduction Starting during my Junior year of High School, a television series that struck a cord with me aired on TV. A series like no other. One that understands the timeless struggles of youth and one that embedded itself in my consciousness for so long. With hormones racing, emotions random and ever changing, adolescence is anything but easy. My Drama After a full 21 years, I finally finish my comedy/drama series I started watching my Junior year in High School: The Wonder Years. Even though it is set in the late 60’s and early [Continue Reading]

Jan 022012

Introduction TLDNR: Follow me on Facebook (Tweets are connected) or Twitter to get rapid location updates. Starting today, I will be Tweeting my current location. This will not be flooded with “at grocery store” or “stuck at red light”, though, so if you are looking for that kind of pointless information… ya will have to wander somewhere else. Due to my current employment, I am in a different city almost ever week (and sometimes several cities). This is also not mentioning the fact that I travel through many airports on my way to the final [Continue Reading]