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Black Viper
Nov 252010

Happy Thanksgiving to all of my valued members and dedicated readers over the years. I give thanks to you as you keep the fire burning. Your support is greatly appreciated!

Nov 102010

I basically grew up around dirt track racing my entire life, attending racing events all over California and Oregon since I was only a few months old. Now, I wish to break tradition in several ways and be on the race track instead of sitting in the grand stands as well as break the mold by being a geek inside a race car instead of a motor head. Thus, the birth of ”Black Viper Racing” and ”The Racing Tech”. I cannot do this alone, however, so I need your support! For the 2011 [Continue Reading]

Nov 102010

I am offering three ways that you can become a sponsor of Black Viper Racing and “The Racing Tech”: Individuals: You may purchase a bumper sticker sized personal name plate for only $20 which is good for the entire 2011 season. This option is for individuals that desire to sponsor my efforts, but do not have a business they would like to promote. I will personally email you via the account on file with PayPal and thank you as well as ask what name, if any, you would like to [Continue Reading]

Nov 102010

Become a Sponsor: Information on how you can become a sponsor of my race car. List of Sponsors for the 2011 Season: Kitchens and Dreams, Inc: We provide you with a multitude of design concepts that will allow you to choose a design that is perfect for you, your family, your home and our planet. Website and contact information: Tammy Femrite Ask Leo! : Helping people with computers… one answer at a time. George Davis JSSTA: Established in 2010, Jefferson State Sport Truck Association (JSSTA) was formed to provide a racing outlet [Continue Reading]

Nov 102010

The car was generously donated by my Mother. It is a 1990 Ford LTD Crown Victoria. Current plans include: Paint the car black Include flames (probably sticker/vinyl type because I cannot draw) Slap the number “72” on it Include all of my sponsors on the car Now, you may point out that this is by far a “race car”, but I plan on putting it on the track during special events throughout the season called “Run What You Brung”. In this event, people can take out street cars that they own [Continue Reading]

Nov 092010

The BBS/Forum software is updated to the latest version released November 1st. Thank you SMF Team for all that you do! Unfortunately, not all the themes that I posted to be voted on have bumped up a revision, so the voting process is suspended.

Oct 312010

Several Site Updates today: Installed the option to “Choose the Look” on BvLOG for those that do not like dark backgrounds. Updated About Black Viper. Updated World of Warcraft UI Addons. Updated Computer Games Listing Enjoy!

Oct 252010

I have used multiple monitors for as long as the option was available on add in graphics cards. As such, I have grown to not only enjoy, but really depend on information displayed in such a manor. However, for many years, Flash Video player has alluded my ultimate support because of one (big) issue for me: Full screen video. Sure, you can drag a browser window to the second monitor and hit “full screen” and it will display as such, but after clicking back to another window on the main [Continue Reading]

Oct 192010

Yesterday, I switched over this sub-domain to a dark theme in an effort to have the web site look similar across different sections (forum, wiki, etc.) I picked 4 dark forum color schemes for members to vote on as to which they would like to be chosen as the default (what guests and new members see). The winner will be announced and switched over to on December 1st, 2010. Additional details and your voting opportunity. How do I test? Members can change their theme in the forum profile section: Profile [Continue Reading]

Oct 122010

World of Warcraft Patch 4.0.1 was released today. Great, now I get to relearn playing the game that I have used for six years all over again. Thankfully, the changes that Blizzard makes are all in a positive direction and always make the game better. This also means that most, if not all, addons/modifications to the UI are magically invalid. Thankfully, I will be updating my mod list with the latest addons that I use as well as their current compatibility with the latest WoW version. With about 50% of [Continue Reading]