Black Viper
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Jun 282008

Oh my! As if Blizzard has not sucked away enough of my life with D1 and D2 + World of Warcraft… Diablo 3 was announced: All I can say is… Rockin’. 🙂

Jun 072008

I am about up and running again. Vista installation issues coupled with reinstalling everything over and over has delayed my progress, but I should be good to go in the next couple of days. I appreciate everyone’s patience as I work through my own issues. 🙂

May 192008

Currently, XP Service Pack 3 services information (Default) is accurate as well as the Safe, Tweaked and Bare-bones configurations. Each individual service link is also updated and will contain additional useful material in a short time. Registry patches and custom services registry tools will be coming soon.

Apr 012008

No joke! I am working hard on Vista SP1 information to include “Additional Reading” pertaining to the particular service in question as well as a “Discussion Link” to the service on the forums. Currently, “A – H” is done, but several other services have also been updated. Stay tuned! Much more is coming!