Black Viper
Black Viper
Sep 052004

I have caught up on my E-Mails. My response rate was about 50%. Mainly due to the overwhelming amount of “technical support questions” that I received. Due to the great demand for such services, I cannot answer your personal technical support questions: READ WHY. My E-Mail address is again posted on my Contact BV page. A few answers to common questions: Will you be posting information about Windows XP Service Pack 2? Yes When will that be? When it is done. Hopefully, soon. How do you get rid of/avoid spyware? [Continue Reading]

Sep 042004

I encourage all DNS server administrators and E-Mail server administrators to consider adding a SPF record to help fight spammers using your domain to send their solicitations. More information can be found at

Aug 192004

I have made minor adjustments to several Windows XP information pages. Very soon, hopefully this weekend, I will post my Windows XP Service Pack 2 findings relating to services. With around 80 pages of printed text to edit, I may not make my self imposed deadline, but I will try my best.

Aug 192004

With regards to World of Warcraft Beta, I modified a few UI files to make my life (and maybe yours) a bit easier. The changes include: Quest log is instant and shows level numbers Target tool tip moved from the bottom right to top middle of screen Mods that were taken partially from Cosmos: Party HP/Mana/Rage/Energy show always as text Party Buffs (16)/Debuffs (8) always show And something I conjured up myself (the code was always there, just not used): The HP status display bar fades nicely from Green -> [Continue Reading]

Aug 122004

Why can’t I access/check my Hotmail or Yahoo account using my DSL connection? This particular issue came about due to a family member that was unable to check their HTTP E-Mail accounts after a new installation of SBC DSL either by accessing it via a browser or Outlook Express. After over two hours of banging my head against the monitor, I figured out the solution.

Jul 182004

I am working hard on Window XP Service Pack 2 information. A few things I am doing include: Updating all Service information to be valid with the installation of Service Pack 2. Archiving all Service Pack 1a information for future reference. Removing the "Internet Gateway" configuration. Stay tuned! I will post the latest information when I finish it in the next few days.

Jul 142004

I discovered that my E-Mail server started having issues with DNS lookups. This does not sound as though it is a bad thing. However, it turned out to be a big issue. A reboot fixed all problems, but I now am faced with hundreds of E-Mail messages because of the DNS lookup failures (since I configure my E-Mail server to use a DNS Black Hole list). Unfortunately, the only solution is to sift through the junk. This, of course, will take time.

Jul 122004

Today, I made the change from the “old” SETI client to the new one based on BONIC. Information about this particular transition is here: [link removed] After I test my systems with the new client, I will post additional details.