Black Viper
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Mar 292007

I have updated the Windows XP Services Configurations to reflect default settings for Windows XP Professional x64 Edition. All flavors of XP/Vista are being ran through and I "will" post all the information that I have figured out as well as registry files for default, safe, etc. However, I have a lot to sift through (5 flavors of XP, 4 flavors of Vista, 90 to 130 services each) and will get everything online as soon as I can.

Mar 282007

I added a desperately needed Search Page today utilizing Google. Even though they put ads in the results, it is the quality search for my readers that matters to me. Tomorrow, I plan to work more on the Vista server defaults and see if I can get some defaults for other flavors of XP to include Media Center and Tablet Edition.

Mar 232007

For several years, I have been advising people on how to tweak their systems for performance. I have also been challenged many times over my advice. In 2007, this is no different. Sometimes people laugh, cry or plain get angry over my recommendations… but in all instances, they are looking at it from the wrong perspective. Read more…

Mar 072007

Black Viper is back! Yes, this is the "real" Black Viper. Here is some answers to questions that people may be asking themselves: What happened to you?!?! Did you die in a car wreck? Go to jail?! Get Cancer?!?! No, I did not. Even though I have searched several times on Google in the past (almost) two years as to what people thought happened to me, nobody but me actually knew the truth. In any case, if you have read any "stories" or forum posts, etc with regards to my [Continue Reading]