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Dec 302003

I took the web server down for about 20 minutes while I scrambled to transfer the domain to a different computer. All should be functioning, again. The issue started at about 11:46 AM when one of my image directories became corrupted. The Windows XP Pro Install Guide thumbnails became inaccessible at that time. Unfortunately, I did not discover the issue until many hours later. I apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.

Dec 232003

Well, the person outlined two updates below "is" using a plain version of IE6, that is, if you do not include using AdShield. AdShield blocks pop-ups and banner ads. Since I do not have any, it is rather pointless to have it running on my site. However, this is the intriguing thing. Cut and pasted from the home page is this "feature:" Improves performance using optional background downloading and caching of pages/images linked to the ones you’re viewing. Improves performance for "whom?" That completely explains the reason for the log [Continue Reading]

Dec 222003

In a totally unrelated matter, I usually post the “time” of my update. The previous post, I put the time as “10:03 PM.” The reality is that is the time I “started” posting the news update. The clock on my system now shows “11:02 PM.” Where am I going with this? All updates, no matter how small or what the content, takes time. I have tons of stuff I would love more than anything to post about. However, the information that I post, I try to make it as accurate [Continue Reading]

Dec 222003

In an attempt to give my readers a little insight as to "what goes on behind the scenes," I have posted the following news update. Time to start the latest Quick Rant. This is the longest news update I have had in awhile. The reason? I am banging my head up against the monitor. I, once again, fired up the automatic banning of IP addresses last night. This is due to my desire to stop "bad" robots from sucking too much bandwidth. More information on this practice is located in [Continue Reading]

Dec 172003

I have had several complains from readers about my web server automatically banning their IP address because of "abuse." This is due to my recently implemented configuration to stop "bad" robots from sucking too much bandwidth. More information on this practice is located in my Abuse Rant. I implemented a "hidden link" which all "good" robots, including all major search engines, would ignore. Some proxy servers, pre-fetchers and firewall’s chose to ignore the robots.txt standard. This is an issue to take up with the creators of those programs, not my [Continue Reading]

Dec 072003

A sharp reader identified a news update that I posted a few days ago for only 30 minutes, then deleted. It outlined the steps that I have recently implemented to stop abuse of my content. I will now go into greater detail in the Abuse Rant. For several months, I have been attacking my bandwidth problem from a totally different angle than I recently have. I was optimizing images, cutting down on all "extra" content, and compressing content for faster download time. However, after looking through my log files, that [Continue Reading]

Dec 012003

I have posted a new Rant I call Copyleft. It contains an examination of the issues of United States Copyright Law and the GNU Free Documentation License. I, by any stretch of the imagination, am not a lawyer. What is contained in this document are my feelings and opinions on a touchy subject based on extensively pouring over what is deemed legal documents and attempting to come up with a solution to my particular problems in the best way that I can. READ MORE…

Nov 302003

Since most of my domain optimization efforts are complete, I can now (finally) focus on adding content to the domain. Current plans (in no particular order) are as follows: Post Windows 2003 information This will include an Install Guide and also Services information Screenshots are being created for the Install Guide Hopefully, most of the Install Guide will be finished tonight Services information will be posted after the Install Guide is drafted Post Fedora 1 information This will include an Install Guide Currently downloading as I type Post Mandrake 9.2 [Continue Reading]