Black Viper
Black Viper
Nov 262003

Round Three of my domain optimization efforts is complete. Long time readers may remember that the domain started out as "" This was due to, at the time, "" being taken. After several months, I was able to get the "full" domain name. Unfortunately, I have always resolved each domain to the exact same content. Another problem is that I configured each domain to be accessible with or without the "www." in the address bar at the server level. This resulted in search engines indexing and people linking to [Continue Reading]

Nov 082003

My ISP and I are working on a solution to my connectivity issues. We discovered an extreme amount of interference hitting the Access Point in my immediate area and are currently working a solution around the problem. I also found out that my wireless telephone has the capability of totally locking up the Access Point. Needless to say, connectivity to the domain will be sporadic at best. Last night, the connection went down from around 11 PM until around 10 AM this morning and even though the connection is back [Continue Reading]

Nov 052003

I must thank all spammers that attempt to confuse E-Mail filters by adding random characters to the end of a subject line. When this pathetic attempt at getting through to E-Mail users started, it annoyed me. However, after it became a "wide spread practice," I expanded my subject line column way out and scan only the end of the line. If it contains gibberish, it is gone. It has reduced the time I take to filter E-Mails considerably. More tips are located in my E-Mail Filtering Guide.

Nov 032003

In round two of my domain optimization efforts, I cleaned up all of the CSS by deleting redundant or no longer required information. I also reduced the size of both images located on every page. Each time I modify my CSS, I tend to miss something. Sometimes, it is rather obvious. If you come across anything on the domain that "just does not look right," contact me and I will look into the issue. I initially changed the PayPal image source back to to reduce outbound traffic. However, when [Continue Reading]

Oct 262003

I kind reader notified me of an issue that I have been working for some time. However, I did not realize the impact of it. What I saw happening was that IE was not parsing my custom Windows XP Services Registry File page properly and the display was slightly different than the rest of the domain. In fact, it caused further issues which resulted in it being very difficult (if not impossible) to cut and paste the resulting file into Notepad. I have fixed and tested the result and it [Continue Reading]

Oct 222003

I took the web server down to configure my latest domain change. I have successfully installed a compression module for the web server to allow outbound traffic to be dynamically compressed. This will (and already has proven) effective at reducing my bandwidth consumption and greatly decreases page load time. For example, one of my most popular pages being Windows XP Services 411 also has the distinct pleasure of being one of the largest pages served. In an uncompressed state, the amount of data for the page being transferred over the [Continue Reading]

Oct 202003

I have temporarily disabled the different color schemes while I work on a server side solution. If you are lucky enough to use Netscape or, even better, the open source Mozilla, you can change the Black color scheme to a White theme by selecting View –> Use Style –> White. If you are using IE of any flavor, that feature is not available, sorry. But, you can choose Tools –> General Tab –> Accessibility button and check: Ignore colors specified on Web pages You can even go so far as [Continue Reading]

Oct 092003

I have posted a page to allow you to create your own custom Windows XP Services Registry File. IMPORTANT: This function is in testing. Do not use if you are scared as to the outcome. However, feel free to test the tool and send me feedback with success and failure stories. No checks are performed to ensure that all dependencies are accounted for. Ensure that you validate your service configuration before creating your custom file. Checks for dependencies may be included at a later date. Download the default registry settings [Continue Reading]