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How to get through via E-Mail to Black Viper:

Do not skip these important points to note:

  • I am only one person.
  • I do appreciate your kind words of support and suggestions.
  • I make sure I reply with a note of thanks as rapidly as I can.
  • As of January 1, 2019: Windows Services information is no longer updated. Please take this into consideration when examining my information. Since I released the information into the Public Domain, I will not answer any questions related to them. Thank you for understanding.
  • Technical support questions via email, Twitter, Facebook Messenger or any other one on one media must be ignored because I simply do not have the time to answer them.
    • I do read all email, but not enough time exists in the day to respond to everyone’s personal computer questions and give them the attention you maybe looking for.
  • Errors, corrections, or any other website issues are welcome in my inbox.
  • It is a pretty safe bet that if you find a error or problem with my content, I do not know about it as… if I did… it would not be a problem.

With all of that said, you may contact me directly via the E-Mail address below:

blackviper (dot) com (at) gmail (dot) com