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Four Oh Four

“Four Oh Four”

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Windows Custom Services Registry File Creation Tools

The content previously used to generate registry files based upon visitor selections is removed due to unpopular recent demand plus the time and money required to maintain those tools online. In January 2017, I converted the website from dynamically generated server side content (WordPress and PHP) to static HTML. This change is expected to save on out of pocket hosting costs (by a lot) as well as time spent in the background maintaining the server specifically for these tools to remain online.

Windows  Services Configurations from Windows 2000 to Windows 10

As of August 2023, I no longer publicly host any and all of my Windows Services Configurations as some were wildly out of date and others were simply no longer valid. Many hours are still required for me to maintain the quantity of pages and keep the content available, however I no longer have the desire or time to do so. All Windows information and guides are removed to return the domain back to what I originally intended in 1999: A scratch pad for me to remember stuff. The content has been in the public domain for over four years. I am pretty confident it is elsewhere.

-Black Viper ~ August 2023