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August 8, 2001

I am finished updating all the character information to include SCREEN SHOTS of the characters and not just “text”

November 30, 1999

I am finished updating the Send It [link removed]! Character Form for the new server.

September 22, 1999

I am finished with the Send It [link removed]! Character Form.

September 19, 1999

I am currently working on setting up a form for Characters. Sort of to simplify the process of submission…Stay tuned!

Diablo has lasted THE longest on my hard drives. It has survived many a late night gaming and became one of my favorites
of all time almost over night. This page will hardly do it justice…

Get the Diablo Patch v1.09 here.

Character Stats:

Last Updated: September 27, 2002

Click on each name for a screen shot of the character.

  • Black Viper:
    • BlackViper = 10th Level Rogue
    • Dr.Doom = 40th Level Sorcerer
    • MissBudWizer = 32nd Level Rogue
    • ZeeMaa = 37th Level Rogue


  1. Since patch v1.08, your save game characters for multiplayer are in your “/Diablo” directory. BACK THEM UP!
    You can even transfer them to another computer.