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Aug 092002

Every 2 years, Blizzard kicks out another title to suck away my free time. Warcraft 3 is no exception. Combining an innovative matchmaking online service with outstanding game play, not to forget about the intertwining of the races in the single player campaign; Warcraft 3 is a winner. I must start out by saying that I was one of the “chosen” to participate in the Warcraft 3 Beta test. Having that privilege, I knew what was coming in the full version. Regardless of the amount of knowledge of “what was to come,” I had [Continue Reading]

Jul 302002

Update May 12, 2004: After originally posting my AMD and Intel Rant on July 30, 2002, many items touched on have become extremely out of date. I decided to take a “second look” at what both AMD and Intel has accomplished recently and hopefully provide a vision for the future. Read more… Why no AMD? Some people have asked me, “Even though you have a few computers, why are NONE of them AMD based?!?” Simple. I do not like AMD. If you feel you cannot handle what is contained in this [Continue Reading]

Jun 142002

Introduction Being as how I have openly exposed my life and my computer knowledge to others freely on, it seems that their is always somebody that feels they are the chosen one to insist their point of view is correct. Needless to say, most of the time, they are wrong. This seems to disturb me in more ways than one. As I begin, keep in mind that I enjoy reading other opinions as long as they are presented in a clear manner. Someone that feels compelled to voice their opinion to a [Continue Reading]

Apr 092002

After playing Diablo 2 and Diablo 2 LOD for almost two years, the need for another hack and slash RPG that does not dddrrraaaaggg on with a story or have a turn based combat system that you can take a leak during and not miss anything. Funny thing is, I did take nature breaks in Dungeon Siege during combat and lived to tell about it! I usually do not care much about a story since very little is “new” in terms of story line from the norm: Unknown hero gets bless with [Continue Reading]

Mar 222002

What is the price of fame? Many late nights sitting at a keyboard, attempting to get things just right… The end result? Many questions, comments, and feedback attached with a flood of opinions. Most of the time, constructive and kind, but not all of the time. How did it all start? After a six year stretch in the US Navy, I had the clothes on my back and the desire to get my butt in a house within six months. I did it in five. Regardless, my apartment was very empty and [Continue Reading]

Dec 282001

Console or Computer? Gaming has been in my blood since the first time I played PONG at a friends house. Was it fate that PONG debuted the same year I was born? I think so. My first gaming system was a Atari 2600. I truly enjoyed all of the blocky sprites and the genuinely uncomfortable smash-the-corner-in-to-the-palm-of-your-hand one button black joysticks that came with the system. Many hours were spent in front of the TV set, playing mindless hand-eye coordination games. Those were the days… My first “true love” has to be the Commodore [Continue Reading]

Dec 132001

From my Commodore 64 days, I remember SSI and the D&D games sucking away plenty of my teen years. Sometimes, I wish I could go back and enjoy those game play moments again. Pool of Radiance RoDM, the old name that it is, released on the PC in September of 2001. Needless to say, 13 years of computing did little for this game. Even though the graphics are well done for the only (seemingly low) resolution the game supports, the rest of the game needed a little more development time before release. CRPG’s have [Continue Reading]

Oct 132001

Here we go again! The new release of the ever-popular NHL series is out the door of EA Sports. I will warn you, though; I am far from a sports fan. I grew up around motor sports but with a family that shunned all others. That has still carried over to my adult attitude. Hockey is one game that I can sit down, watch an hour of, and not be totally board out of my skull. Fast action, rapid transaction of events, the winner in the last seconds, it all [Continue Reading]

Oct 132001

Diablo 2 LOD came out and I was ready. I needed a boost of new character classes, items and a completely new level for me to keep on going. Right up to the emanate release of the beta version, Blizzard kept quiet about support for “800×600” resolution. When I first saw the new screen shots, I smiled. Finally, my plea was answered. At that resolution, everything, well, just works! You could see far enough for ranged characters and spell casters, you did not have a “pixilated” view of your main character, and the interface [Continue Reading]

Oct 132001

Blizzard! Give me my life back!!! The original Diablo was (and still is) the single most long lasting game on my hard drive. It may not be the first game installed, but it will be there. When I first caught wind of Diablo 2’s up and coming release, I knew that I would be in for some trouble. If Blizzard could possibly expand Diablo, create more characters, items, monsters, plus offer up even more features that I wanted, but did not know at the time, I knew I was in for the long haul. I [Continue Reading]