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The Hacks, Cracks and Cheats Rant

If you are looking for any of the following

  • CD Cracks
  • Cheat codes or cracks for games
  • ANTI-Hacks or ANTI-Cheats to “combat” crackers
  • Free high-level characters
  • Trainers
  • CD Keys
  • CD code or serial generators
  • UnWrappers
  • Password Breakers
  • Key-loggers
  • CD, DVD, MP3 ripping software
  • Links/URL’s to warez sites
  • Modification of software embedded in hardware devices (XBOX, DirectTV, etc)
  • Any other way to steal from programmers
  • Any way to exploit a program to “get something for nothing”

No need to look any further.


do not and will not give out any of the above info to you, regardless of whom you are or why you want it!


You will get absolutely NOTHING in return!

As for anyone else curious about the subject, please read on. You may get more information that what you planned on, or maybe even some comic relief.

For the purpose of this page, Black Viper’s definitions are as follows:

CD Keys: Any “code” or serial number provided to allow “access” or “unlock” software.

Cheats: Any action or command, usually “built in” by software developers to ease development

Cracks: Any utility, program, device, or other means used to “work around” or circumvent copy protection. Another would be any utility, program, device, or modified executable used to “adjust” any game to make things easier or a modification to defeat piracy techniques.

Crackers: The “Bad Guys” in the computer world.

And the wonderful:

“ANTI”-(hacks, cracks, cheats, passwords, keys, codes): Any of the above that does the opposite of “the bad stuff.” For example – kick “crackers” off servers, spam spammers, Multiplayer crack detection, etc. I have also heard every “really, I will use it for the good” excuse possible. Do not even bother.

I do not care if you feel cheating or cracking is a “good” thing. Do as you wish. I am not out to stop you. It is your choice. I choose to play games as they were intended. Just do not ask me for help!

Before flaming me, I understand the “pirate” point of view!

Read my Rant on Windows Product Activation!

Read my Putting out the Flames Rant!

Does BV like DRM or “Digital Rights Management?”

No, but at this point in time, no happy “middle ground” exists to protect content creators from unauthorized redistribution and also allow “fair use” for those “good people” that only wish to listen/use/view their “purchased content” in any manner they wish. I do not see it happening anytime soon. I do hope for a day that I am proven wrong and even hope more that it is in my lifetime.

On the other hand, I feel that no matter “how or what” method of protection is used, it WILL be taken/ripped/stripped in some regard, someplace for, sometimes no other reason then “to do it.”

I am not a lawyer and do not claim to be. Regardless of the “actual legalities of DRM, Piracy, EULAS” etc, and some people stating that, in several examples below, I use examples of “real personal property,” instead of “intellectual property,” the idea I am putting across still holds true: Stealing, breaking contracts, or otherwise disregarding “rights”, no matter what context or label you apply to it, is not good for anyone involved.

“Theft” or “Stealing” in context is NOT Piracy! Software Piracy is a violation of a binding (contract) license issued by the rights holder to “allow” you to use a product that you “do not own” any other rights to. In other words, you purchase the media (CD, DVD, what ever) it comes on and you “license” the software contained on that media. You do not own it and cannot do “anything” you want with it.

Frequent “Reasons” to Pirate Software or Music, “Require” fake CD Keys and “Cheat” through

Games and software are too much money. I cannot afford it. If they were cheaper, I would buy them.

Understand. I am sure that you have also considered walking into a department store, taking an item and telling the cashier that, “Since I feel that this is too much money, I am going to steal it.” I am also sure that you are not going to get far.

See that new Corvette in the parking lot? I am also sure that you think it should only sell for $1000, so you are going to steal it “to teach them big ol’ corporations a lesson.” Hope you have saved enough from pirating to post bail.

Software in the C-64 days was about $40. Took a long time for me to save up my (parents) change to get a new game. I am thinking that the C-64 “software development cycles” did not ever reach 4 years as they have for current games. Trust me when I say that I feel I am “getting my money’s worth” out of some of my games.

I have spent $7.00 on entrance to a movie and $3.00 for a “large” soda. That is $10 for (on average) 2 hours of entertainment. A $50 game with “only” 25 hours of game play has double the “value” of that new release in the theater. Funny that you can also play that game again, whenever you wish, but you would have to “pay” again to see that movie. Yes, that ticket you purchased is a “one time view.” You can always spend $15 bucks on a DVD if you really like the movie, but then again, it raises the tag up to “$25 for 2 hours” of “new content.”

One beef that I have had for sometime, though, is the cost of arcade games. “four tokens” for, what sometimes, seems like only three minutes of game play really sucks. Funny thing is, you will not see me packing one off because “they are too much money.” I just do not play them.

I only pirate old, out of production, low volume software to avoid paying the high prices on auction sites. No one gets hurt. What do you think?

Another way someone that normally would not steal justifies it.

Last time I checked, Ford is no longer making 65 Mustangs. They have been out of production for sometime. “Used” prices are much more than they were new. If I did purchase one out of the local newspaper, Ford would not get a cut of the deal. Sounds like a reason to perform Grand Theft Auto? Pretty insane, once you think about it, huh? What if I could just clone the car? Would that make the “original” more valuable? Ever think that, maybe, just maybe, the software was in such low production because high piracy reduced demand, which raised the prices for the “legit” software and the cost for “honest” buyers? I didn’t think so.

I only crack because I was tired of online cheaters. What do you think?

Thank you for supporting the very thing that makes you angry. By cracking and cheating, you are promoting the very thing that you dislike. Visiting the banner and pop-up supported crack sites only line their wallets and do nothing for the people that actually MADE the software. The only thing you just did was to become the enemy to legit players.

I am not going to buy the software or music anyway, so I can just pirate and use it. They are not out any money!

I had a reader tell me that I should not think that software is a “real product” like clothing or a car is. Funny how if “copying” something is so EASY, that people tend to forget it is breaking the law and even justify theft.

Don’t get me wrong, when I say that plenty of software is NOT worth the money, like Windows 2000 Advanced Server for $4000 or Windows XP Pro for $300, that still does not make it ok to take it. Use this as an example:

I travel to my local software store and pick up a box with Office XP. I tell them “I am sorry, but I do not think that this is an actual product, so I am just going to take it.” What would the reaction be? What would it be with any clerk? The store sure did not get it for “free,” so why should you? It is a boxed, tangible product. When looked at it with that view, it is “valuable.”

I also understand that people like to use software as a geek tool or a toy. Why would I pay thousands of dollars for 3ds Max just to “play” with it? I went to the site, had them send me a “free” trial version, and installed it. Wandered around for five minutes, remembered that I have zero artistic talent and could never touch the capabilities of “Ice Age” or a hundred other computer rendered scenes and movies, then closed the program. Was it cool to check out the demos and tutorials? Yes! Would I have paid $2000 for that privilege? No. If I was in the business of 3D art and rendering, I would of course cough up the cash. However, I would not just to “hobby” around in. That is where trial software comes in handy.

If you required a particular software package and there was NO other way to get it, I am sure that they would get your money. Since it is so simple to find it free, why pay for it?

The absolute moment someone comes up with a way to clone “real products,” please tell me. We will go in to biz together and make some “real money,” selling the cloning hardware, of course.

I download music that I have purchased before and do not want to purchase it again.

This is probably the biggest reason that “I” would justify converting content. Notice that I said “converting” and not “downloading” or “copying.” A difference does exist. I should be able to change from one “format” to another with no lawyers knocking on my door. Lets see an example that hits home for me:

I purchased many cassette tapes of music in my younger years. At that time, no method existed that was not cost prohibitive that allowed me an option to “transfer” my purchased music from cassette tape to CD. So, what was my solution? Purchase the music all over again, in its new format with (hopefully) a higher quality version that did not deteriorate over time. Did I like that idea and method? Absolutely not! But what other choices did I have? Zero.

Now that we have fast forwarded (20) years, does a different option exist? Yes, I could easily convert my cassette tapes to cheap burnable CD’s or even take it one step further and convert my purchased CD’s from when I was 16 to MP3. Is that breaking the law? Am I “breaking” the law by using software easily available (Windows Media Player) to convert that CD into WMA format to play on my computer, PlayStation 3, XBOX 360 or even my phone! If you would have told me 20 years ago that I would be playing music on my phone, I would have laughed very, very hard… but it is something that I want to do, enjoy doing, and if the pro-DRM zealots get their way, I would not be able to!

Do I wish to use iTunes to “repurchase” my music? Or “validate” what music I already have? No, I do not. It seems like a big fat waste of time to me, but others have had great success in doing so.

Now, if I purchased a single CD. Listened to it, handed it to my wife, and she ran out the door to her car and listened to it… is that “redistribution?” I would say… well… yes. But does that mean, to stop the law from putting me behind bars, I have to purchase separate CD/MP3/WMA versions for each of my family members? That, I feel, is way out of control and not what DRM was intended to stop to begin with.

Needless to say, regardless of your reasons, I will not help you copy/duplicate copyrighted material.

I am only testing them to see if I like it.

Do you know of how many “shareware” or “demo” software packages I have for my C-64? Zero. I had to pay to find out that the game was junk.

Demos are a great way to “try before you buy” and see if you like the software. You should give it a shot sometime.

I (insert reason here) so I need a CD key.

I really do not care. However, you entered into your dilemma, whether you downloaded a pirate copy of a CD, lost your “legit” key or any number of other reasons I have heard, I cannot solve it for you. The best way to fix your problem would be to contact the publisher of your software title and ask them directly. I am sure they will require proof of purchase and an additional sum of money.

I would not help my buddy knock off the local gas station, so why do you think I would assist a “stranger” with illegal material that has attached to it a GREATER punishment?!? Think about it.

I purchased this so I can do anything I want with it, like cheat or crack.

Since you obviously entered into a contract (EULA) that forbids cracking type of activity, you cannot do “anything” you want with it. You do not own the software, you “license” it. Once again, I do not like the idea, either, but that is the only way developers can protect their products. With a EULA, or other type of license, like the open-source variety.

You may cheat your way through any thing that you wish. School, work, games, I really do not care. If it affects others, such as your “opponents online,” your “right” to cheat has intruded on everyone else’s “right” to play as intended without someone intruding and “not playing nicely.” It also proves that you “cannot” play “without” cheating because you cannot handle losing. Your “right to cheat” should not make me have a forced “handicap.”

I am not a hardcore gamer, sometimes things just get too difficult to play!

If you purchased the product, you can cheat as much as you wish during a single player game. I do not care, but just do not ask me for help.

If your cheating reduces the fun by ruining the game play experience by cheating online, you are obviously taking it upon yourself to destroy a community. That is not something that I wish to be a part of.

FAQ – General

Why do you feel so strongly about this?

I receive numerous E-Mails per day about cheats, cracks and pirated software. Usually, these people are vulgar, rude, and use more cuss words than anybody I really want to deal with. Funny thing is, these people are RUDE AND ASKING ME FOR HELP!!! Not a great way to win friends.

I do geek stuff for fun. I also reply to all of my E-Mails on my spare time. Furthermore, I do not want to spend my time assisting another person with a “looking-for-something-for-nothing” attitude. It is not worth the effort. Time is valuable, and, obviously, nothing has value to the pirate.

There are PLENTY of sites DEDICATED to this very subject. is not one of them. It is so pathetically easy to find cracking information on the internet. People should not waste the time of others “with lives” and “much better things to do” because they are too damn lazy to look for themselves! Usually, this type of person is called “script kiddies.”

Games are for people that play and enjoy games, commonly called “gamers.”

Cheats and cracks are for people that cannot play games as they were intended out of the box. They are not gamers.

FAQ – Windows XP Service Pack 1 and 2

Is there a way to change a Windows XP’s Serial number without reinstalling the whole thing?

This question could be coming from a person that is using a Microsoft known pirated version of Windows XP Professional Corporate Edition. Since I have no way of verifying any claims made to me via E-Mail, I ignore all “questionable” requests for such type of information.

If you purchased a Legitimate copy of Windows, this should not occur and there would be no real reason to ever have to change your product ID or your serial number on a home system. Contact Microsoft Technical Support for assistance if you do have a valid reason to do such a task. The contact information is located in your manual that came with your particular version.

If you are using a pirated copy of Windows XP, please do not ask me for help. I will not answer any questions with regards to pirated software.

I just attempted to install Windows XP Service Pack 1 and it says I have a pirated copy! What do I do?

This problems cause is using a Microsoft known pirated copy of Windows XP Professional Corporate Edition.

If you purchased a legitimate copy of Windows, this should not occur. Contact Microsoft Technical Support for assistance. The contact information is located in your manual that came with your particular version.

If you are using a pirated copy of Windows XP, please do not ask me for help. I will not answer any questions concerning pirated software.

FAQ – CD Keys and Serial Numbers

(Insert sob story here). Will you send me a CD Key (insert multiple promises not to distribute it here)?


I copied this CD key from a forum post and I can’t play on Can you help?


I purchased this game but my CD key has become unreadable, can you help me?


My Mommy threw my CD case away. Can you E-Mail me one of your CD keys? I really do not want to pay for the game again.


I purchased a legit copy of WinXP and the CD Key does not work. Can I have one of yours?


FAQ – CD Cracks

I am really tired of swapping CD’s to change games. Will you give me a Crack to not have to play with the CD’s in the


My Mommy takes my CD’s away when I stay home sick from school. Can you tell me of a way to play without the CD?


You see, I have this friend and we want to play on a network but we do not want to spend the money on two copies, could
you help us?

No!!! View my Rant on Piracy!

I only want to copy a CD 12 times for our LAN party players and then they will be destroyed, could you please help?

NO!!!! View my Rant on Piracy!

Really, I read your information, but could you make an exception for me?


You see, I purchased a legit copy of (insert name here) on Ebay and the disc(s) are all scratched up and I cannot install
it. Can you send me a copy of yours?


I downloaded this game from a Warez site and I seem to not be able to get it to work, could you help me?


My account is disabled for “some reason.” Can you help?

My account has been “cracked” and my “legit” CD Key no longer works. Can you help?

My account was deleted or password has been changed by someone. Can you help?


If you are a “cheater” or using one of the numerous pathetic cracks around the internet, your account probably was disabled for abuse on If so, why do you think I
would help you?!?

If you are “legit” and someone REALLY did crack your account, what do you think I can really do?!?!

Talk to Blizzard, not me!!!

General FAQ

Do you like Microsoft’s Windows Product Activation (WPA)?

No. View my Rant on Windows Product Activation!

Could you tell me how to avoid WPA?


Are you a programmer?


What is your favorite hacks and cracks site?

FAQ – Role Playing Game Characters I have Created

You have some GREAT RPG characters, will you send me your character files?


I know that you said that you would not give out your character files, but could you e-mail them to me?


I was wandering around your site and I could not figure out how to download any of your characters you have on display!
Could you e-mail them to me?

NO!! You cannot find out “how” to download them because they are not available.

Password Cracks

I think (insert person here) is (insert crappy thing to do to others) because (insert reason here). Do you have information
on how to crack their passwords?


I am a worried parent that thinks (insert family member here) is (insert crazy things that children and spouses do) because
(insert all kinds of evidence to support the story here). Do you have information on how to crack their passwords?

No. Since I have neither the time or desire to “verify” if the story is “legit” or just another kid’s lame excuse to exhibit how 31337 they are and a reason to break other computers because they are bored, I do not answer any questions of this type.

A family member has passed away and I took over their computer. They had Windows XP Pro. I try to sign on but I don’t know the passwords for administrator. Can you help?

No. Even though, assuming this story is “true,” I understand the dilemma, I cannot verify that fact. As such, no information is given. None.

A young family member “accidentally” changed the password on my computer. How can I fix it?

I cannot tell you. Again, I understand your issue and the desire to fix it. This could be a hard lesson to teach the proper use of tools or better supervise young children around valuable equipment.

Actual quote from an E-Mail (slightly edited for a PG-13 audience)

“Then for what u got the f#$!&^g page if you will not help us with something that we need????????”

I can do what ever I want on and with my domain.

Since when is it my job to help you break the law and/or crack and cheat?

Since when does anyone need to do anything concerning cracks and cheats?

Obviously, this person needed to misspell words, cuss at me, and tell me what to do with my domain. Makes me want to help even less!!!

The main reason I have this page? Because I can.

The lamest question that I have received over, and over, and over, and over, and over, and over, and over again

Ok, I have read all of your information and I am asking nicely… Can you…

Let me spell this one out for you: “IN” “OH” spells NO! Funny thing is, these questions arrive even though I have protective measures like this page. Still, people ask. Is it because there is “No harm in asking?” Probably, but:


For all of you fun loving people that think this is a waste of hard drive space and should not be published, this page started as one line. It grew to this because people do not get it. If you got the point, good for you.

If you still do not get the point, please reread this entire page.

Frequent Flames (Slightly edited for a PG-13 audience)

You are a f*&%*#g fag!

No, I am rather straight. Just because I do not promote crime does not mean that my sexual preference differs from the “norm.” Really, this is the most frequent flame. Sad the lamer’s cannot come up with anything more original.

fag fag fag fag!!! you are so gay I am sure that you have used pirated software and hacked before so don’t say that kind of sh#t about how it is bad! you think you are so cool but you are probably a highschool dropout!

Again. This lamer could not come up with anything better than “fag.” Wow. The issue of this page is not whether I have hacked (proper term in this context would be crack) or pirate software. The point being: Do not ask me for help. Amazing that people also randomly come to strange conclusions like I am a “highschool dropout.” While I am not a high school dropout, I do know that “high school” is spelled with a space and I also know how to use the “shift” key to begin a sentence. While my grammar is pathetic, I know it. However, this person obviously has no clue.

You are just a self-centered jerk with an attitude.

Thank you for your opinion. I am sure that if you viewed my inbox every day, you would begin to have an attitude also. This page is a tool used by me to get my point across in the clearest manner possible. Obviously, it worked. You got the point. Respect my opinion and go about your life.

You are to lame to hack.

(Proper term would be to crack)

No. I did crack many programs back in the C-64 days, including character editing, high score editing, extra money cheats, copy protection, etc. I also performed all of those actions AFTER I had completed the game. It is just that when income was rather low, I gave a conscious effort to play the games to the fullest and not “cheat” my way through. Why spend $40-70 on a game just to play in “GOD” mode? To look at the pretty pictures? That is not a game, it is an interactive movie. A monkey can be trained to walk through a level in GOD mode. It takes no talent. Since the C-64 days, I grew up. You should also.

It takes brains to crack and cheat.

If you “discovered” a Easter egg on your own, good for you. If you read it on the internet, whoop-t-do!

It takes brains to MAKE a game! It takes nothing to re-engineer a program. This is kind of like rewriting a book. You did not come up with the story; you just changed the ending and removed the middle.

Wow, I am impressed.

Single (and only) line quote from an E-Mail:

“You are a false advertising, self addicted peeonic nerd!”

Most of these types of flames are results of the search engines indexing this page when people search for “cracks.” Get it together! You are not searching for “content.” You are searching WORDS! Since, like hundreds of thousands of other sites, this page has “hacks, cracks, and cheats,” you WILL get it on search
engines! I am not ADVERTISING anything!

As far as being a “peeonic nerd,” they are the one who wrote me, seems as if I am doing something right.

Another single line quote from an E-Mail:

“Ur stupid and u dont have any cheats u little lier”

Children, please ask your parents before using the internet and E-Mailing people. Only thing it does is strengthen the fact that only the people that have NO clue feel so strongly for cracking. The “true-hackers” do NOT run around on Forums announcing the fact they have 100 TB of pirated software. The “crackers” are only visible to the public when they appear on CNN after being caught. Remember, I did not ask you to come to my domain. You arrived on your own will.

A child E-Mailing an adult:

“ur a bit$h i do not cheat companies i love giving mone away and getting r@ped in the @ss by bill. lol what a f@g keep doing that and see where u end up in the future”

Really, this is the crap that I deal with DAILY. Obviously a child since I am already “in the future” with plenty of neat electronics. Funny how I did not “go” anywhere. It looks to me as if this person is heading straight for trouble. Since they “love giving mone away,” maybe they should purchase spelling lessons and an attitude adjustment.

Another bright child E-Mailing an adult:


“U F#$%$@G SUCK” ~ Another nice person that contacts me.

“U CANT SPELL” ~ Do I even have to say anything about this?

Usually, as this one did, these E-Mails come from the AOL domain. Any REAL “cracker” would have a REAL ISP and NOT be using their parents account on a “content provider.” Sad, I know.

Black Viper
September 22, 2001

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