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Website Server Upgrade And Transfer Complete

The last few days have been very busy. With the general release of Windows 10, the demand for my Service Configurations increased as well as time put into them, but the VPS could not handle it. The CPU was often over loaded with random MySQL crashes, database corruptions and overall nastiness. One day, I restored the domain twice from previous day backups due to database corruption. I should mention that I have had this VPS for a long time with (very likely) poor edited configurations, failed software installs and general self stupidity. The OS was out of date and could not be upgraded in an “easy” way. I had to disable some features (namely registration and login) as normal traffic was also intermixed with massive bot traffic (in three days, 1400 bots registered accounts). Once again, I was spending way too much time in the background and failing to focus on my information updates. The only way I could deal with it was to fork out more credit for a new server and start over.

Regardless, the website server upgrade and transfer is complete and the old VPS is offline.

If you are reading this message, that is a good thing. 🙂

Soon, more Windows 10 updates will happen as time allows. However, the domain might be “up and down” randomly while I work out some server-side configurations over the next few days (for the better, I hope) but fear not… things will return to normal…

What ever normal is. 🙂

As always, I appreciate my dedicated readers support!

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