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Mar 042008

The short answer: depends. The long answer: D E P E N D S. The best way for you to figure that out is load up everything that you plan on doing “at the same time.” Meaning, if you regularly have 5, 10, 20 or more browser windows open, Email client, a media player streaming music/video, a game or high powered editing software, fire that all up! After doing so, hit CTRL+ALT+DEL to open up the task manager and determine how much memory all of your applications are using. With [Continue Reading]

Sep 052002

Please contact the vendor, manufacture or “company” that your system was purchased from for technical support. Part of the money you spent was to pay for technical help when you need it. Use it while you can. Information on “who” or “how” to contact them is in the owners/operations manual that came with your new PC or hardware. I do not have access to that information in a timely fashion. The PC vendor or “brand” that your computer is has access too much more resources to solve your technical issue than I do. [Continue Reading]

Aug 102002

Quick Links: Introduction Chose an OEM Desktop, Laptop or Notebook? Should I build my own? Build now or string it out for 6 months? What does BV recommend? Introduction What kind of computer system should I buy? The answer to these types of questions is always another question: “What do you plan to do with it?” Everyone expects a computer system to do different things. Whether checking E-Mail is a top priority or the latest graphics intensive games on the shelf is your grand plan, a computer can be built to [Continue Reading]

Jan 052002

The major problem is that every system is different and the number of causes of system failure are numerous. The first thing you should do is ensure you have the latest drivers installed for your equipment. Drivers are such a common cause of problems that there is no need to troubleshoot any further until that step is complete. Second, contact your PC maker/software vendor for technical support. The final thing you should understand is that I am not sitting in front of your system. Troubleshooting from a remote location, let [Continue Reading]